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Mike Wallace likes Dolphins' new offense, Steve Smith likes catching passes from Joe Flacco


Mike Wallace, Joe Flacco, Tim Tebow

Mike Wallace wasn't happy with the Miami Dolphins' offense last year, which was understandable given that he didn't produce to the level expected after signing a reported $60-million contract with the team as a free agent. 

The former Pittsburgh Steelers' standout figured to be a major difference-maker, but his numbers (73 catches for 930 yards and five touchdowns) indicated otherwise.

With Bill Lazor having replaced Mike Sherman as offensive coordinator, Wallace is noticing changes to the scheme from which he thinks he could benefit. One, in particular, is the ability to move around to different spots before the snap rather than remaining on the right side, as he frequently did last season.

"(Defenses) can't key on me," Wallace was quoted as saying in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "Last year they knew where I was every single play. I was there every game, in the same spot. When you move around, it is harder for the defense to know where you're at, harder for them to adjust."

Additionally, Wallace sees daily progress in the offense during OTAs and likes the chemistry he's developing with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.


When Steve Smith was a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, he admired the strong passing arm of quarterback Joe Flacco – even before Flacco joined the Baltimore Ravens.

Now, as a member of the Ravens, Smith is happy to be able to catch Flacco's passes, which he cited as a reason for signing with them after his release from the Panthers.

"I've been an admirer of him, even just watching him in college at Delaware and then coming into the draft," Smith told "You know, as a wide receiver you always kind of look at the quarterbacks in the draft every year to see which guys (have potential) and what they say about whom. How I evaluate a quarterback (is) if he's on the other hash and you run a comeback, where's your ball placement? Is the ball hitting the guy at the ankles, or is he hitting him in the chest?

"(Flacco) throws a lot of good, easy balls that you can snag (with) one hand. It makes it look good so I like those."


Although Tim Tebow is preparing for his post-playing career as a football analyst for the SEC television network, he has apparently not given up on the possibility of returning to the NFL … provided, of course, that some team gives him the opportunity to do so.

"I'm training every day and feel like I'm the best that I've ever been," the former Denver Broncos, New York Jets, and New England Patriots quarterback was quoted as saying in the Tennessean. "I still love it, love playing, talking about it, and I'm just excited about whatever the future holds.

"Who knows what could happen? But I'm excited about it, though."


Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway helped rescue a couple from their boat, which had gone out of control on Lake Minnetonka.

According to KARE 11-TV in Minnesota, as Crystal and Edward Alexis were out on the lake, the boat's steering mechanism failed and the vessel began spinning in circles and drifting toward rocks along the banks. Greenway jumped into the water and guided the boat out of harm's way until additional help arrived.

"I just ran down, of course with my two little girls following behind me, trying to stay out of the way, and I figured I'd help them out. It looked like it was dangerous," Greenway said. >>Be sure to tune in Monday through Friday, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET, for "Cleveland Browns Daily, Driven by Liberty Ford" on ESPN 850 WKNR or catch the live stream right here on We take your questions at 216-578-0850 and via Twitter @Browns_Daily.

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