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Miles Austin 1-on-1 interview


Kevin Jones: Miles, you have been an integral part of this offense. When you first signed here, is this the type of impact you expected to make?

Miles Austin: It's too early to tell really. Right now we are just working on the path. We've got to just get better each day and get prepared to play the Falcons.

KJ: Take me back to the offseason when Dallas decided to go another way. After spending your whole career there, what were the emotions like?

Miles Austin: I honestly was just hanging out in Dallas, golfing a bunch. I happened to be fortunate enough to get an opportunity to play here and I'm having a great time doing this.

KJ: What's your golf game like?

Miles Austin: I'm a 12-14 handicap. My strength isn't really putting or driving. Either or can be bad. Chipping near the green and getting it tight is my forte.

KJ: This summer you and Nate Burleson took the younger Browns receivers out to dinner. What was  that bonding experience like and how have you been a mentor to Taylor Gabriel and Travis Benjamin?

Miles Austin: It's always good to go out with the guys and speak to everyone on a personal level. As far as advice, I tell them everything I think about during games and my career different things that I've gone through. Like dealing with injuries, like being undrafted. Just my story. I feel like I relate to a bunch of the guys on the team. I'm learning things from them too, and we are working together as a team.

KJ: The big question all Browns fans want to know: with Josh Gordon back in the mix, how much does it help this offense?

Miles Austin: Obviously we'll find out, but I think it helps us a bunch. Having him here this week for practice, having a big guy out there – it's just a great feeling to have that guy next to you. It's not like he's coming off an injury, so he's been working out. Hopefully he will give us a full affect during the game.

KJ: What is Mike Pettine like compared to other coaches in your career?

Miles Austin: He's been great, in my opinion (smiles). I've had three other head coaches. He just takes care of us. He keeps us focused on the business we need to take care of. Each week he prepares us the right way. He has us ready for each individual game. He's a guy you enjoy playing for. You want to win for him.

KJ: What has impressed you most about Brian Hoyer?

Miles Austin: His composure. He stays in the pocket. He's brought us back in games where we've been down early. He always keeps his head in the game. He keeps us focused. Especially with all the adversity going on, I think he's handled everything well.

KJ: Word association: Andrew Hawkins, Taylor Gabriel, Travis Benjamin, Josh Gordon

Miles Austin: Hawkins (grinder, tough guy). Gabriel (fast, great teammate). Benjamin (That's my dog. We play Call of Duty all the time. I normally win). Gordon (Beast! He's a beast).

KJ: The Browns will beat the Falcons if ________

Miles Austin: We score more points than them.

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