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Must Watch: Andrew Hawkins' rapid-fire footwork

Andrew Hawkins hasn't had a chance to catch his breath this offseason.

From adding two beautiful twin girls to his family, to penning a detailed article about his path to the NFL, to making charity appearances all around Ohio – Hawkins is doing it all.

But Hawkins is a football player first and foremost – and a darn good one, too. His 63 catches and 824 yards paced the Browns on offense last season. So no matter what's going on in his life, the weight room is a prominent part of Hawkins' offseason, too.


Hawkins posted the above video displaying machine-like footwork Thursday on his Instagram account. It almost looks like the video is playing in fast forward -- he's that quick. Although Hawkins proved he could do it all as an outside receiver in 2014, Cleveland may be able to create more mismatches with the speedster now that Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline have been added to the mix.   

Hawkins becomes the latest Browns player to post his unique workout on social media.

In February, running back Terrance West started ramping up his boxing workouts in hopes of shedding 13 pounds before the start of training camp.

"I'm out here working, baby," West said in one of his videos. "I'm never trying to get off the field, man. This year is my year."

In March, defensive back Robert Nelson posted a video of him pushing his smart car around an empty parking lot as a training method.

"Nelly is a name that may not garner headlines, but we see a bright future with him," secondary coach Jeff Hafley said in a recent interview.

Of course the most prized of Cleveland's offseason workouts occurred in Miami. Justin Gilbert flew to town to meet up with his mentor, Pro Bowl veteran Joe Haden, and the pair of cornerbacks indulged in more than just weight lifting and training.

 "He is growing up," Haden said in a recent interview. "Justin's a very, very talented player. It's just going to take a little bit of time."

The Browns will arrive back in the Berea facility Monday for phase one of offseason conditioning. And by the looks of it so far, there won't be many Cleveland players huffing and puffing.

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