Myles Garrett making a strong impression on Browns vets: 'He's just ready to earn his keep'

Myles Garrett continues to make a strong impression on the Browns' veteran players, but it has little to do with him being the first-overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Instead, they're praising Garrett — the freakishly athletic defensive end from Texas A&M — for his work ethic and humility on and off the field.

"He's a workaholic, man. He's one of the first rookies on the field and he's one of the last rookies to leave the field," fourth-year linebacker Christian Kirksey said Tuesday at the annual Cleveland Browns Foundation Golf Tournament. "That just shows you what type of guy he is, he's always working and he's always trying to improve."

Garrett, one of Cleveland's three first-round picks last month, is poised to become an impact player on a young Browns defense. But with OTAs set to begin Tuesday, his teammates say it's clear Garrett is as grounded and level-headed as they come.

"He's not all into the hype of being a first-round pick," Kirksey said. "He comes in every day with his head down and grinding and working."

Joe Haden, the two-time Pro Bowl cornerback entering his eighth season, echoed a similar sentiment. "He doesn't say too much and that's why I said I just can't wait to see him out on the field because you don't get a read on him," said Haden, who also added: "I think he's just ready to come in and earn his keep."

Last week, left tackle and 10-time Pro Bowler Joe Thomas said he saw a “fire burning inside” Garrett to be great and lauded the 21-year-old for his approach thus far.

"I'm just impressed with his demeanor and his willingness to learn, his humbleness," Thomas said. "I think those are the hallmarks of guys that have a chance to be really excellent football players."

Garrett, who amassed 31 sacks in three seasons, has spoken of the need for he and the rookies to find "their place" inside the Browns' locker room.

"We have to find out where we fit and how we can make this team better," he said at rookie minicamp. "I think we can all do that. We can all contribute in one way or another. These next three days and next couple of weeks will just be us finding our niche."

And that kind of approach has been well-received.

"Myles is a humble guy. Whenever you have a guy that just shows out on the field, he doesn't do too much off the field as far as being flashy or having a big ego," Kirksey said. "That definitely shows his character and I just can't wait to see him strap up and get in those pads."​

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