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Need to Know: Myles Garrett wants 'dominant performance' every time he plays, even preseason

Myles Garrett doesn't know what to expect in Cleveland's preseason opener but knows exactly what he expects from himself.

It never changes, no matter the time, place or significance.

"It doesn't matter, preseason or scrimmage, I want to display the utmost dominance when I am on the field," Garrett said. "I am trying to have a dominant performance whether it is preseason or first series, whenever I get out there."

On Thursday's, it's expected Garrett, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 draft, will be on the field for the Browns' first defensive series. He's the lone member of Cleveland's draft class to land a first-team spot on offense or defense on the first depth chart of the preseason, and the significance wasn't lost on him.

Garrett called the recent promotion from second-team to first-team an "honor."

"They made me earn it," Garrett said.

Garrett called it a "relief" to finally be able to hit an opposing quarterback after weeks of letting up on Cleveland's signal-callers. It's actually easier, he said, to follow through with a hit than it is to stop short.

Sacks, though, aren't the most important thing on Garrett's mind.

"I want to win," Garrett said. "I want to have a lot of success on the field. I want my defense to have a lot of success on the field, but we have to stay calm and save your excitement. You are in preparation for the game."

-- Browns coach Hue Jackson said he wasn't sure how many snaps each unit would receive in Thursday's preseason opener.

"I know I want us to play a little bit, though, I do know that," Jackson said. "Just watching practice and watching the chemistry and things that I think need to start to gel as an offense, defense and special teams, I would like to see our groups play for a little while."

-- The Browns are entering the preseason opener in relatively good health. A number of players who have been on modified practice schedules did not participate in Tuesday's practice but will be available for the game, Jackson said.

"This was a rotation, and I probably could have done a little bit better job of making sure some of them were out there today because there is going to be a little down time tomorrow," Jackson said. "Practice will definitely not be as physical tomorrow as it was today, but those guys will be out there playing. No question."

-- David Njoku said the back tightness he's experiencing is new to him and wasn't sure if he'd be able to play Thursday.

The first-round tight end stressed the training staff is taking every precaution necessary to nip the soreness in the bud.

"We will have to see how it is," Njoku said. "Obviously, I want to be able to play. I just have to follow the process of the trainers, and we will be fine."  

-- Jabrill Peppers isn't getting wrapped up in his spot and location on the Browns' unofficial depth chart. The first-round rookie was listed as a second-team safety behind Derrick Kindred, who has primarily played free safety.

Peppers has been seen playing at both free and strong safety throughout training camp.

"There is really no difference," Peppers said. "I just feel like in this defense, we all have to be able to play both, and that is what we are all doing. It is as simple as that.

"Still a lot of work to be done and still have a lot of work I need to do, a lot of things I need to improve on. Preseason is a great start for that. Get to play against some other guys so the ante definitely goes up. I just get to show what I can do in full live contact without worrying about hurting one of your teammates or anything like that. It is definitely feels good to know I am going to be getting into the action."

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