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2023 NFL Draft

New Browns WR Donovan Peoples-Jones: 'I just needed one chance'

On joining the Cleveland Browns:

"I am very excited. I just needed one chance, and I am very thankful to the Browns and their organization for giving me that chance. I can't wait to be part of the team."

On the challenge playing with multiple QBs at Michigan:

"It was challenging, but I think he made me better. I was able to adjust. I think I am ready for whatever adjustment comes in my future. I am blessed to go through everything that I went through."

On if he hopes to continue to return kicks and punts:

"Yes, sir."

On if the Browns talked to him about playing returning punts and kicks:

"Yes, sir. That is something I am looking forward to and something that I will be blessed to be a part of."

On joining WRs Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry:

"It is great because I actually got a chance to meet both of them. I was getting some tips from Jarvis while I was down in Florida training for the NFL Combine. Me and him have started to develop our relationship. Those guys are Pro Bowl guys. I just can't wait to learn from them."

On how eager he is to be incorporated in the Browns WR corps, given the potential opportunity as a third WR:

"I am so ready. There is going to be a lot of work put in before that, but I am so ready and I am blessed with this opportunity."

On the advice he received from Landry:

"Just talking to me about the pre-draft process and everything that he did as a rookie and things that he learned. Things he wants me to understand for me as a player." 

On his draft process before ultimately being selected on Day 3:

"Yeah, it has been tough. Never really imagined this, but I am so blessed and so grateful that the Browns selected me and believe in me."

On if he is the type of player who will remember the WRs selected before him:

"Yeah, I remember. It is a long list. I am definitely going to remember that."

On the opportunity to share a WRs room with Beckham and Landry:

"Personally, I love competition. Personally, I rise when the competition rises. Those are two of the best receivers in the NFL. I am so thankful for this opportunity to come to Cleveland. I really can't wait."

The Browns have selected Donovan Peoples-Jones in the 2020 NFL Draft.

On addressing scouting reports that say he 'underachieved' at Michigan and if that is a fair criticism:

"I do not think that is a fair criticism. I did what I could when I had the opportunity. It honestly does not matter now. I am looking at how to get better. I am looking to do everything I can for the Browns offense and the team in general."

On where he believed he ranked among this year's WR prospects and if it was tougher due to WR depth in this year's draft class:

"I am not even one to speak on that. I think that the rankings will reveal itself in the next couple years. I am blessed to be part of this organization, and I am blessed to get a chance."

On if he worries about any potential anti-Michigan bias in Cleveland, referring to some former Michigan players sentiments who were with the Browns:

"No, not at all."

On if he has a relationship with former Michigan and Browns WR Braylon Edwards:

"I know Braylon. We have a pretty good relationship. I grew up watching Braylon and loving how he played at Michigan and just being really good."

On how close he is to reaching his full potential as a WR based on what he has shown in his career:

"I don't feel like I started [fully showing my potential] personally, but I have upped my training. I feel like I'm ready, and I feel like it is going to be a great next couple years."

On considering Ohio State in the recruiting process before committing to Michigan as a highly-regarded high school prospect:

"I looked at every school equally and looked at every school for what they could do for me. I weighed the pros and the cons, and ultimately, made my decision."

On his interactions with the Browns and if the selection was somewhat of a surprise:

"I was a little surprised. I did talk to them a little bit at the combine and felt really good about them. It is a blessing. I'm just glad they circled back and remembered me."

On playing with Mayfield and the opportunity for big plays in the Browns offense:

"I'm so excited to play with players like Baker, Odell and Jarvis. They are really good players, and I think that I can come in and soak up a lot information from them and really take it all in. I'm really excited."

On if Landry's advice was specific to technique or the league in general:

"Everything. Any question that I had for him, he tried to answer. He always made it be known that I could ask him anything because he has been there before and he has been through a lot. He has been a really good role model for me."

On his father being an orthopedic surgeon and his father's influence on his football, educational and professional career:

"He definitely influenced me growing up by wanting me to take academics seriously. I went into college studying biology and switched to psychology. I have always had an academic background. I'm not sure what will come with the next years, but I'm focused on being a Brown and giving them everything that I have."

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