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Nothing but the 'Dawg' in Phil Taylor


Phil Taylor's bulldogs Zeus and Apollo

If you frequent Cleveland Browns nose tackle Phil Taylor's Instagram account, a recurring theme is obvious: his two photogenic English bulldogs.

Named after Greek gods, Zeus and Apollo are the joy of Taylor's life.

"I absolutely love them," said Taylor with a grin.

Zeus, the larger darker bulldog, recently celebrated his first birthday. Taylor describes Zeus as, "easy-going, laidback and chill."

Apollo is quite the opposite. The 15-week old puppy is rambunctious and often in need of extra attention. Apollo constantly tries to coax Zeus out of his lazy state of mind, playfully biting on his older brother's floppy ear. Taylor has hired a trainer, mainly so Apollo can learn to walk without a leash. He's a feisty pup.

"This one's really been a challenge," Taylor joked about the newest addition to his family.

Taylor is a self-described animal freak and loves nature. He spends his winters in Naples taking in the outdoors. And he has several fish tanks and lizards at his house in Brecksville, Ohio.

But it's the dogs that have always been number one in Taylor's heart. Since he can remember, the 26-year-old has always owned a dog, pugs and pit bulls mostly. 

So when will Taylor bring his pups to the Browns facility?

 "I want to. I'm working on making that happen," Taylor said.

Cue the photographers.

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