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Off Topic: Randy Starks' passion for fashion


Illustration by Jay Wallace

Ask around the Browns locker room who the best dressed guy is, and you'll find a surprising answer: Randy Starks.

Now in his 12th NFL season, Starks is starting to make designer fashion more popular among the big guys in the locker room.

Kevin Jones: I got to be honest, you don't find many 300-pounders interested in caring what they look like.
Randy Starks:** I got tired of all the little guys acting like they were the best – the DBs and the receivers. They want to be the ones wearing the clothes that are hot in style. So I started dressing fancy, I'd say since my college days at Maryland.

KJ: I'm still not buying this. Randy Starks loves fashion?
RS: Come on man, I want to like how I look when I go out in public. Look good, feel good.

KJ: How many suits do you own? What designers?
RS: At least 40 suits, probably 300 pairs of shoes. The big one I'm on is Louis Vitton. The shoes, man, they're loud. And honestly Louis Vitton is pretty much the only designer that makes things my size (XXXL). I'm into cufflinks and watches, not really into bracelets. I have a dog tag chain that I'll wear.

KJ: How often do you shop for new clothes?
RS: It's seasonal. I might get a couple things here and there.

KJ: Do you consider yourself fashionable even when you're dressing down?
RS: You can't be wearing Nike sweatpants with Adidas shoes. You've got to make sure you're matching up properly.

KJ: Do you give teammates grief if they don't dress well?
RS: For sure. If you dress poorly, you have no swag. John Hughes, we give him a hard time. Yes, I understand he's coming to work and he might throw anything on. First of all he came in one day with jean shorts on. Nobody wears jean shorts anymore. But he's stepped his game up big time the last two weeks. I want all my teammates to be looking good.

KJ: What about haircuts? Since it's technically not clothes, is that still fashion in your mind?
RS:: I mean you can't look fresh with clothes and have no lineup. It doesn't work like that. I actually get a haircut every Friday before the game so I'm looking right for the game. Every Friday. Got to.

KJ: Will you follow the New York fashion week? Are you that into it?
RS: Nah, that's where I probably draw the line. Joe Haden or Dwayne Bowe might come in with something. And I'll go up to them and be like, 'All right, I see that.' They both wear eye-catching stuff. So I'll go online to see if anything comes in my size.

KJ: Your favorite outfit to wear on a night out in Cleveland?
RS: I'll throw on a Louis polo on with some Robin's jeans and Louis Vitton shoes – and I'll be looking fresh.

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