Ohio well represented at NFL Scouting Combine


INDIANAPOLIS – Offensive tackle Jack Mewort and center Corey Linsley are two of six Ohio State players who are taking part in the NFL Combine this week.

They are joined by wide receiver Corey Brown, running back Carlos Hyde, outside linebacker Ryan Shazier, and cornerback Bradley Roby.

The six Buckeyes tie Wisconsin for having the most Big Ten players from one school invited to the combine.

Here are some comments from Mewort, who talked to the media on Thursday afternoon: "It's been a really cool experience. A lot of different testing. A lot of poking and prodding, just making sure that we're early enough to perform at a high level. We started the day getting up at 4 a.m. to go ahead and take a drug test. From there we went and visited with every team doctor in the NFL. They get to look over you with a fine tooth comb to make sure you are up to par. And then the media stuff.

"I had a lot of Ohio State guys before me that I was friends with go through this process. So I had a lot of good advice going into it. I really appreciated it. It was a big help coming in knowing what to expect."

On expectations on where and how high he might go in the draft: "I don't try to think about it that much. It's all about what teams needs are and what team may fall in love with you. I try not to look at the projections and all that. Just want to come out and perform my best and show that I am a good quality player and that I can perform at a high level.

On the offensive line group at the combine: "Very deep. A lot of great players. Very talented group physically."

On his relationship with Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan: "We've been training together the last seven weeks. I probably shouldn't say that (smiles) in from of a TV camera. But he's a good competitor. It's good to have him down here to kind of match myself and see where I measure up. I won't say we're buddies on camera.

"Taylor's got that field persona, he's the pro wrestler. When he steps between those lines, he's got a different personality. I respect that. He goes out there and plays great ball. Outside the lines, he's just like any other offensive lineman. Fun loving. Likes to relax and have fun."

Have they talked about Lewan not shaking hands after Ohio State's win over Michigan last fall: "Yeah, we've talked about that. It's just that field persona he has. Taylor's a good due, a great player."

Linsley described himself as a "workhorse."

"I think that I'm a lot more athletic than I'm credited for, than people are giving me credit for," Linsley said. "I'm strong. I feel that's a great selling point.

"I want to go as high as possible (in the draft). If I can show teams that I deserve to be a little bit higher, that's great. It doesn't matter at the end of the day. It's how hard you work and what you get out of it."

Other Ohio colleges represented at the combine:

WR Travis Carrie (Ohio University)

RB David Fluellen (Toledo)

Ohio natives:

WR Cody Latimer (Indiana, Dayton)

DE Jonathan Newsome (Ball State, transfer from Ohio State, Cleveland)

QB Keith Wenning (Ball State, Coldwater)

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