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On-field observations from Day 11 of Browns training camp

Hue Jackson had seen enough.

The Browns coach was roughly an hour into Wednesday's practice, which was moved indoors because of a roaring, quick-hitting thunderstorm, when he peaked outside and saw sunshine. Jackson took the first opportunity at the end of a special teams drill to blow the horn and send everyone back outside.

Even though it was muggy, hot and wet, this was exactly where Jackson wanted the team to be.

"It just didn't feel right," Jackson said. "The ball kept hitting the net. It was loud. You hear all these different voices and everything. I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh. Can we go back outside?' I thought we needed to get back outside, which was good."

The second, sudden change moment of the practice -- the first being when the players had to sprint inside the Casey Coleman Field House -- was just what the doctor ordered. Jackson liked the response and felt good about his team heading into Friday's preseason opener at Green Bay.

"That's just the way football is sometimes," Jackson said. "Sometimes, it's just not there and you have to go find it. Our guys, it was muddy and water puddles and wet balls and the whole nine yards so I kind of like it like that when it's hard because football is hard."

Here's what else happened on a stormy Wednesday.

-- Jackson made the decision to rest Terrelle Pryor during the second half of practice because he noticed the wide receiver "laboring a little bit."

But while Jackson ruled out wide receivers Andrew Hawkins and Corey Coleman for Friday's preseason opener, he did not do the same with Pryor.

"I think Terrelle will be fine," Jackson said. "He was practicing and I made a decision to take him out. He wanted to stay out there. My job is to make sure that our players are OK, but I think he'll be fine, till the doctors tell me so will I really know.

"He's willing to fight through it because guys want to have those opportunities that they're getting, but at the same time, I have to be smart enough to tell a guy, 'Hey, we need to back you down.'"

-- Jackson said he'd use the next 48 hours to determine how much playing time he'd distribute to the 90 players on his roster Friday in Green Bay.

"I'm not in a rush for that. I'm more in a rush of making sure our players are still practicing hard and doing what we need to do and learning how to practice because we have to learn how to practice against each other, take care of each other and do things the right way," Jackson said. "This is a little bit different phase of training camp because now we're about to play an opponent. That's a little bit different as you move through that. Practices change a little bit, some other things that we try to get accomplished, and I think that's what's important."

One thing that won't affect his decision-making? The projected nasty weather in Green Bay.

"The elements have nothing to do with that," Jackson said. "Whatever decision we make will be based on the feeling of how long we want guys to play. It won't be because of the weather."

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