On-Field Observations: Strategic plan in place for Browns vets

The second day of training camp saw the Browns install offensive and defensive packages. There was still plenty of action, however, to be gleaned from Friday's practice.

— Browns coach Hue Jackson outlined how the team will manage some of its veteran players when asked about Joe Thomas, Joe Haden and Kenny Britt, who did not practice in the name of rest.

"I have met with our medical team, and we've come up with a really good plan to make sure that we get our guys to practice, through practice and try to keep them as healthy as we can," Jackson said. "There will be some days when it is every other day and some days when it's not every other day."

"We'll work through it based on what we are doing because when we're in pads, I want the guys out there," Jackson said. "I want them on the field and competing that way because that is where real football is played. They won't miss those days. I guarantee you that. It is a plan, and I think that is what is important is a plan to keep our team as healthy as we can."

— Brock Osweiler had several nice throws during team drills. Jackson, asked about the veteran and former Texans starter, said he's pleased with Osweiler's progress since joining the Browns in March via trade.  

"Brock has really improved. I go back and watch his tape often, and he has really made a lot of strides that way – planting, rhythm, getting rid of the ball and making decisions," Jackson said. "All of our guys are working hard. They're all competing and trying to get better, and that's a good thing."

— Browns rookie tight end David Njoku shined during offseason workouts and figures to play a big role in the team's offensive plans this fall. But right now, Jackson wants the first-round draft pick to focus on holding "on to the freaking ball" after a couple of fumbles.

"That has got to stop and that will get stopped," Jackson said. "We'll get that corrected because we can't turn the ball over. That's one of the big goals that we have—we can't turn the ball over. He gets that. He understands that. That's something where we can't give the ball away so we need to get that squared away with him."

— Dominique Alexander, who's competing to be the team's starting middle linebacker, had a nice interception during team drills, picking off an Osweiler pass over the middle. Alexander, who joined the team as an undrafted free agent last year, was a big contributor on special teams as a rookie.

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