Owner Jimmy Haslam Endorses Heads Up Football


Dear Ohio High School Principals, Athletic Directors and Coaches:

As the Cleveland Browns and all of Ohio prepare for the most exciting time of year – professional, college and high school football season – this is a pivotal opportunity for our teams and schools to inspire our organizations' leaders, members and fans to join our commitment to improving the community, as well as advance the health and safety of football players at all levels.

Heads Up Football, which the Browns support locally and the NFL promotes throughout the country, is an effective program that's making a positive difference in how coaches are trained, fundamentals are taught and player safety is addressed, particularly at the youth and high school levels.

Created by USA Football, the official youth development partner of the NFL and the Cleveland Browns, Heads Up Football℠ offers certification clinics to educate coaches about concussion awareness and response protocols, equipment fitting, tackling techniques and heat emergency preparedness. It is paramount that all coaches are properly trained to be leaders in these areas in order to help protect youth football players and advance our game.

Our franchise is proud to endorse Heads Up Football℠ at the youth and high school levels, and I encourage you to learn more about this program for the benefit of your student-athletes. Please contact USA Football directly through, and the staff can provide you with detailed information on how your school can incorporate Heads Up Football for your teams.

In addition to integrating Heads Up Football in the Browns Youth Football Camp, High School Player Development Program and Moms Football Safety Clinic we hosted this summer, the Browns and the NFL will celebrate USA Football Month in August as part of our year-round efforts to assist the development, safety and growth of youth and high school football throughout our region. During the Browns' preseason home opener at FirstEnergy Stadium on Aug. 23, we will recognize youth football leaders, organizations and participants for their dedication to fostering competitive and respectful environments to teach the next generation of players.

Please join me in making Ohio a leader in player health and safety by bringing Heads Up Football's standards to your schools.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our youth.

Best regards,

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