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Play 60 Fall Challenge Results


This fall, the NFL celebrated 10 years of getting kids active and healthy through NFL PLAY 60. As part of the celebrations, the Browns recognized student ambassadors from schools participating in the Fall Play 60 Challenge in association with the American Cancer Society and University Hospitals. They were invited to come to the Browns vs. Bengals game to be introduced on-field for their commitment to staying active for 60 minutes daily and being a leader in the classroom. Through the Play 60 challenge members of the community and children of all abilities get active for 60 minutes a day all year long.

For 10 years, PLAY 60 has brought together the NFL's long-standing commitment to health and fitness with partner organizations to increase physical activity among youth. The campaign launched on October 9, 2007 at a playground build in New Orleans has since grown into a multi-platform initiative, engaging millions of kids every year.  A recent study, conducted by The Cooper Institute, and published in the *American Journal of Preventive Medicine*30518-9/fulltext), showed that PLAY 60 is having a positive impact – revealing improvements in aerobic capacity and body mass index in students in nearly 500 schools enrolled in PLAY 60 programming.

This year nearly 4,500 students participated in the Fall Play 60 challenge logging minutes before, during and after school to record their activity with the goal of being active for at least 60 minutes a day and becoming healthier. Overall, these students logged 7.5 million minutes during the six week challenge. Participants in grades 2-8 hailed from schools in Strongsville to Cleveland and Painesville all the way down to Louisville.

The grand prize winners from Mr. Steve Panchik's 6th grade class were able to log the largest average with at just over 6,000 minutes per student. Addison Lyles the student with most minutes logged will have the opportunity to visit the Cleveland Browns training facility with the rest of her 30 classmates for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour including reserved time in the Casey Coleman field house where the team practices.

Did you miss the Play 60 Fall Challenge? Don't worry, you can still get involved until then!


We know that you want to make yourself better by being active and healthy, so why not inspire your friends, classmates, neighbors, siblings, parents and more to do the same? Share your stories through Browns First and Ten on how you are making your community better by spreading the message of PLAY60 and other good efforts in the community! *Until the Play 60 Spring Challenge, be sure to submit stories of students, teachers or administrators who embody what it means to be a true leader and inspire others around them to get out and stay active through the day and PLAY 60! *

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Grand Prize WINNER & Top School - Mr. Panchik's 6th Grade Class at Mentor Ridge Middle 

Top Teachers

  • Mr. Steve Panchik- Ridge Middle
  • Ms. Josette Folk- Louisville Middle
  • Ms. Adela Hema- Douglas MacArthur

Top Overall Students

  • *Addison Lyles – Ridge Middle*
  • *Layla Ibrachim – Hillside Middle*
  • *Ray Mar Wick – Miles Park*
  • *Tyler Balderson – Louisville Middle*
  • *Angelina Colon – Douglas MacArthur *
  • *Lawrence Collins – Central Middle*
  • *Camryn Weaver – Strongsville Middle*
  • *Kelsee Carl – Louisville High*
  • *Katrina Miklos – LaMuth Middle*
  • *Ethan Warner – Memorial Middle*
  • *Owen Bayer – Louisville Elementary*
  • *Jaylon Forte – Pinnacle Academy*
  • *Glen Wright Jr. – Michael R. Wright*
  • *Marta Reyes – Almira School*
  • *Charrow Cotton – AJ Rickoff*

**Top Class from Each School

  • *Mr. Doug Irwin – Pinnacle Academy*
  • *Mr. Benson – Louisville Elementary*
  • *Ms. Deana Fresenko – Louisville High*
  • *Mr. Kevin Weir – Strongsville Middle*
  • *Mr. Schliecker – Hillside Middle*
  • *LaTrice Shields/Kimberly Tomazin – Miles Park*
  • *Mr. Joe Jeckel – Memorial Middle *
  • *Ms. Michele Reighley – Michael R. White*
  • *Mrs. Stephanie Sabo – Central Middle*
  • *Ms. Fatima Wright – Almira School*
  • *Mr. Weimer/Mrs. Valaitis – LaMuth Middle*
  • Mrs. Anita Giusto – AJ Rickoff
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