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Play 60: Muraski Elementary School


This Spring, 15 local schools completed the Browns Play 60 Challenge, in partnership with the American Heart Association, logging nearly five million minutes of physical activity!  The Browns commend all the participants on taking positive steps towards living a healthy and active lifestyle. The teachers and staff at each school did a tremendous job of getting the kids to be active and have shared their stories.

Ms. Alexander, a physical education teacher at Muraski Elementary School implemented the Play 60 program in the classroom to help her kids get active and lead healthier lifestyles. As a part of the Ohio Department of Education standards, students are expected to meet or exceed 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity. This benchmark worked streamlined perfectly into the NFL Play 60 movement, which allowed her class to succeed and achieve their goals. Ms. Alexander was extremely proud of the way her students stepped up to reach their activity goals.  She worked together with other teachers throughout the school to help monitor students' activity in and out of class.  Students in each grade were also responsible for logging their activity as well.  Ms. Alexander has found that the Play60 program worked as a great motivational tool and resource to enable students to meet the standards. She said it also helped her assess student results and keep students on track after they had set goals to increase their physical activity.  

Ms. Alexander also enjoyed the NFL and Browns commitment to provide the top schools and participating classrooms with prizes, which created an additional incentive for them all.  The teachers are so happy that they have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their students with the help of the Cleveland Browns and American Heart Association.

By going to school and participating in the Play 60 movement, students are making themselves better. Students can inspire their classmates, friends and family to commit to a healthy lifestyle by getting and staying active. Exercising also helps you do well in school and will help make you successful in your future! The Browns want your school to share your stories with #give10. Let us know what you're doing to make yourself better. You can also become a part of First and Ten by signing up on our website to #give10 and help your community.

The Browns PLAY 60 movement, contributing to the NFL's nationwide initiative to promote youth health and wellness by getting active at least 60 minutes each day, is in association with University Hospitals and American Dairy Association Mideast and Fuel Up to PLAY 60. The Browns actively bring PLAY 60 to the local community throughout the year to ensure kids and families are learning about and taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

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