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Player Quotes - July 31

WR Dwayne Bowe:

On being in a different city and training camp for the first time in a while:
"It is pretty strange, but it is a good strange. The energy is good. The fan base is good. The environment is great. I wouldn't say it is a bad change. Change is good some times, and this one is for the better."

On how misleading it is that the Chiefs receiving corps last year didn't catch a touchdown in terms of his own abilities:
"It was very misleading. Our offense was based on getting the running backs and the tight ends the ball when we got in the red zone. A lot of people didn't understand or realize that, but I was a big part of us getting down into the red zone. When we got down there, it was up to the head coach and [offensive coordinator] to put points on the board. It just didn't fall in my category, but we won a lot of games, and I was very productive, and that is what you ask for from a player."

On how QB Josh McCown and the quarterback group is looking:
"I think their level of confidence has definitely boosted since yesterday. Today they were out here throwing into tight spots. All the receivers were making plays. It is starting to click faster. I think this is the first time in nine years that the second day of camp has been flowing, and more people are making plays more so than the first day so that is a plus."

On explaining the improvement from Day 1 to Day 2:
"I can't. Just by watching it, it looks unbelievable. After we break down film and see the positives we are making, we just have to stay on track to keep climbing and not going up and down. I think once we get that formula we will be pretty good."

On if this was one of the better days of camp he has ever seen from quarterbacks:
"For the second day, yes, since I have been in the NFL. It is only going to get better. The timing is going to get better. We are going to work more and more. We are going to get in the book more and more. For a second day, I would give it an A or A-."

On if he considers himself as a No. 1 receiver on this team:
"Of course. We have three No. 1 receivers. We have me, Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins) and (WR) Taylor Gabriel and you have (WR) Brian Hartline. Each guy can step into that spot and produce. It is just whenever your number is called it is time to make a play."

On WR Taylor Gabriel:
"Once I got here, that was the first receiver that clicked with me. To see somebody that young and that talented and he really doesn't know how good he is until you get with a veteran guy that is going to show you the ropes, show you how to practice, show you how to study, show you how to eat and show you how to work. I think once he develops all that, he is going to be a top receiver in the NFL."

DB Tashaun Gipson:

On the Browns secondary:
"I feel like we're the best, bar none. You look at the room and the speed that we play with and the intensity, we have different kinds of players that fit the mold in this defense that can make a play on any given play. You've got (DB Donte) Whitner, a Pro Bowl safety, (DB) Joe (Haden), a Pro Bowl [cornerback], (DB) Tramon (Williams), a Pro Bowl [cornerback] and myself. I feel like on paper we're loaded, but we're even better in person. When things like that begin to click and crack, we'll be unstoppable."

On assisting the younger players:
"Now, I have to definitely assume that veteran role. Now, I'm looking after the young guys, giving them pointers, talking to them and showing them the ropes because I was just a rookie four years ago. Those guys look up to me and I definitely have to set an example for those guys. Anytime that they ever need me or for any advice on the field they know that they have me. They have been coming along and progressing. It's not an easy defense to get a hang of so for them to be progressing the way they have, it's just awesome for those guys."

On how he feels physically:
"I feel good. I'm in the best shape of my life. I feel good and feel fast. I'm just excited about this season. I'm just ready to go out and show them that I'm the best safety in the NFL. That's the goal I'm setting for myself this year, and that's what I'm going to be able to prove this year."

On updates about his contract situation:
"The update is that I'm here to play football and that this season is going to be great. However it turns out, it's going to turn out that way. Right now, no updates. I'm here for training camp. I'm going through the motions and ready to go throttle and not hold anything back. If something was to come about and something were to happen, I'd be the first one with a huge smile on my face. Regardless, I'm just blessed to be in this situation, first and foremost. I can't complain at all."

On if the contract situation could be a potential distraction this season:
"Absolutely not. At the end of the day, it's football, and I'm blessed and humbled to be able to play the game I love. I'm able to do what a lot of guys dream of where I'm from and around the country. When you look at, like I said in June, the bright side of things, I'm doing something I've dreamed of since I was a kid. Big contract or playing under this tender, it's just about football at the end of the day. Now that all of the distractions regarding the contract are pretty much behind be, I'm just ready to play football right now, and I'll let everything else take care of itself. "

On looking forward to the first day of practice with pads:
"That first day is always super intense because you just want to get it cracking. You want to get the pads to let loose and kind of set your dominance. The offense wants to come out and pose their will. It's a new offense so they definitely want to come out and dominate the defense. The defense looks good on paper, and I know they're sick and tired of hearing that they're the weak links on the squad. I know they'll come out and it's going to be very competitive. It's always like that. The offense has made huge strides. I'm definitely like what I'm seeing. We have guys and we want to showcase our dominance and show that if want to be the best defense in the NFL, we have to come out here and prove it week in and week out. It starts right here in training camp. That's when you sharpen your tools right now."

WR Vince Mayle:

On if there is rust to be knocked off after having a cast on his hand:
"Yes, there is a lot of rust to get knocked off. I have to get comfortable catching the ball again. Just having faith in my hands."

On his first two days and how he is catching the ball:
"It is going well."

On how much a relief it is to come out and fully practice:
"It feels pretty good. I was getting tired of watching. Balls were thrown in the air and I was throwing my hands up like I was going to catch it. It was getting to me."

On how fellow WR Dwayne Bowe has been helping him:
"He has been helping me a lot with route running and keeping my faith strong. He knows I have been going through a hard time not playing, and he has been telling me to have faith in myself."

On what he was able to learn during OTAs even though he wasn't able to catch passes in practice:
"I learned the playbook in and out. You can put me anywhere in the offense and I can play it."

On if there is a huge difference between the Browns offense and the one he played in at Washington State:
"I would say the only difference is I am actually running the shorter routes from the inside. That's probably the only difference"

On how his first couple days have went:
"The first day wasn't what I would have liked it to be, but I am willing to improve off of that. The second day was better. I was more confident in myself and playing like I was in college."

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