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Position Coach Quotes - August 6

Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio:

On TE E.J. Bibbs contributing during the season:
"I think like all of our guys, they're all working hard. They've all had their days where they've made some plays. We'll find out as we go through the preseason games and certainly the first step will be tomorrow."

On TE Rob Housler:
"Rob's done a good job. I think he's getting more comfortable now in the playbook as far as what we're expecting and some of the different techniques we're teaching. The last few days I think he's showed some good things. I think his blocking has gotten better the last couple days. Like anything we're just trying to come out every day and work and he's doing that."

On comparing Housler to Miami Dolphins TE Jordan Cameron:
"I don't want to compare players. I think everybody is different and they're going to put their mark on where they are and what they do well. But certainly Rob can run and that's one thing we like about him and that's certainly an aspect that he hopes he brings to our offense."

On if there will be TE's in the backfield this season:
"I think at the tight end position, regardless of what team you're on you have to be able to play in the backfield from a protection standpoint, a run game standpoint. They will have to be in the backfield as well as splitting out and as well as blocking in-line. I think that's just a part of the job."

On if TE's like being in the backfield:
"Yeah. They've never said they haven't but I don't know if they would do that (Laughter). They like- it's fun for them because they get to play a bunch of different positions. It kind of keeps them on their toes and they have to really learn the whole offense."

On if he is more comfortable with TE Jim Dray and TE Gary Barnidge this season:
"Jim and Gary, they know my traits I know their traits, good and bad. But we have a great time. They're two pro's they work extremely hard. They're professionals in every way and just go out and do their job to the best of their abilities so there's certainly a comfort level with them. "

On if he has any doubt about TE's making enough plays this season:
"I think when your number is called and the coverage dictate that's where the ball will go, you're expected to make a play. I certainly have a lot of confidence in the players that we have and certainly in our tight end group. I'm excited for the season and certainly for our contribution to this team. "

On if offensive coordinator John Defilippo uses TE's differently than Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan:
"No. I think the tight ends are in every offense, used if coverage dictates that's where the ball goes. They'll line up in different spot but I think that a lot is based on game planning, what the scheme is for that week and what you're trying to do to attack an opponent. They're always going to be factored into the game plan, just depends if it's a run game or a throw game or a play action game or an empty game so a lot of those things go into it. "

On if that factors into how many TE's they use:
"Absolutely right. Last year, some games, we used three tight ends, it was a big part of the game plan like in the Steeler game here last year. Then other games we may not feature as many tight ends. ​

Linebackers coach Chuck Driesbach:

On how he feels about his group of linebackers:
"I feel great. I think we have a great room. A lot of experience in there. Same experience other than the rookie with the scheme we are into the second year, which is a really big plus. We are pretty multiple. I think the guys are really tuned in and focused. I think that we are looking forward to a lot of good things from that room this year."

On LB Tank Carder:
"What happens a lot of times with those linebacker is they come into the league and they are going to be special teamers first. It'll happen with (LB) Craig (Robertson). It'll happen with Tank. That is what happens with a lot of those guys. Tank's problem last year at this time he wasn't able to go through camp because he was injured. He didn't go through any of the spring with us the year before. We had no evaluation of him. Between Craig, (LB Karlos) Dansby and (LB Christian) Kirksey, (who) was the rookie coming in who we wanted to see what he could do. There just wasn't a spot for Tank to shine. Now all of sudden through the spring and in the fall camp so far he is doing everything we thought he would be able to do."

On the difference between Kirksey as a rookie and now:
"As you all know, Kirksey was an outside linebacker in college. He split out on number 2. College is a lot of 11 personnel. A lot of wide receiver sets. He spent most of his time out where our safeties and nickels play. Last year most of his snaps inside he was foreign to that. He did an awful lot of work in the offseason studying film. He came in this offseason and you could tell he had been looking at a lot of film. His inside run reads were a lot sharper and that carried over into practice."

On why he told his scouts to look for linebackers in the mold of Kirksey:
"He is smart. He is tough. He is athletic. He is a leader. All those different things. He has good height to him. He is an athlete. He is exactly what you look for in my opinion in the NFL today. The old days of 60 snaps of two backs back there running off tackle are over. These guys have to be able to cover backs and tight ends. They have to be good blitzers. It is a little bit of a different animal and that is what we need to look for."

On a scale of 1-10 how important is LB Karlos Dansby to this defense:
"I think he is a 10. I think as the quarterback goes on offense, your middle linebacker is the same on defense. He is in front of the huddle. He is making the calls. At practice he is challenging them when things go down between him and Whit (DB Donte Whitner) and (DB) Joe (Haden) and Starksy (DL Randy Starks) in there. Those guys – that leadership is very, very important."

On what he has learned about Dansby from being in the classroom:
"He is very humble. He is a very kind person. Don't get him mad. I don't know if any of you remember last year there was a situation where we were doing one-on-ones against the running backs. One of the rookies challenged him and they went again and it was not pretty."

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