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Quotes to know from the 2017 NFL Combine, Day 1

INDIANAPOLIS -- Chronicling the most interesting quotes of note from front office executives, coaches, national reporters and more from the 2017 NFL Combine.

On wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, who did not receive the Franchise or Transition tag Wednesday:

"We've had good discussions with Terrelle himself through the offseason. He and I have spoken a number of times, he and Hue (Jackson) have spoken. We do have some meetings set up with his representatives and we'll see what happens there. We're still looking forward to working toward finding some middle ground with Terrelle to bring him back and have him as a Cleveland Brown for a long time." -- Browns EVP of Football Operations Sashi Brown

"He's a good player, works hard, we think he fits in our system, had a lot of success with our coaches, so we think this is a great place for him to continue his career. I appreciated his remarks with the press about wanting to stay in Cleveland, and then it's on us in this process here to try to make sure we can exhaust all options to make that happen." -- Brown

On the availability of Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo via trade:

"Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be on the Patriots in 2017 no matter who calls them and what anybody offers." Adam Schefter, ESPN NFL Insider

"I wouldn't comment on that in this forum. It would be inappropriate and against league rules. (How would you describe your relationship with Belichick?)  Good. I think they're easy to work with and I would describe it as good and leave it at that." -- Brown

On Josh Gordon

"On occasion I would check in with Josh and we would … just personally because we care for the young man. But beyond that, we really haven't sat down to talk about what it would be like if he gets back in. Or even taking the time to understand exactly what that would look like and I think that's a pretty complicated process at this point given, kind of, his history. So it would be largely speculative at best and we've got a lot of guys to focus our attention on." -- Brown

On Free Agency

"We're going to look at every opportunity, including free agency, to upgrade our team. The lifeblood of what we need to be is essentially have better results in the draft. It will not be exclusive to using picks to trade for players or looking at free agents we feel can add value to us. So we'll explore what opportunities are out there March 7-8-9. A lot of that gets dictated by the market."  -- Brown

On Myles Garrett and DeShaun Watson videos

"I don't think you can take some of this stuff too serious. We're realistic about where are as a brand and a roster. More importantly I think these are young men who are eager to play in the NFL. They want to go different places, perhaps, but I think more important is you just can't take it too seriously. Obviously it's been well-documented and explained. Some of the representatives of the players called to explain some of the comments, and I explained to those guys at the time that we don't take it too serious. You look forward to having an opportunity to meet them. They're both high character young men. Move forward, manage yourself with class and go from there. I think there's  some lessons all around to be learned." -- Brown

On Browns Picks at 1 and 12

"I'm almost positive the Browns will take Myles Garrett at No.1."  I also think the Browns could be "very tempted" by a QB at No. 12 – Mike Silver on NFL Network

On Potential to trade No. 1 Pick

"We're going to responsibly listen to any opportunities that are out there. I think we have to do that. It's not a design of ours. We would have to wait and see what might come, and what player might be available there as we get through this process." -- Brown

Random Combine Buzz

"Text from NFL exec – biggest talk at Combine, and it's not close – USC QB is rare." Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network Draft Analyst, referring to Trojans signal-caller Sam Darnold

"It's understandable why people would think I'm just another Air Raid guy, not ready for [the pros].  Quarterbacks who came from our system haven't done well in the NFL; that's a fact. At the Combine, I am going to show NFL teams that I am ready to play Day 1. Everyone knows I can make the throws, but I'm smarter than people think. I know these NFL concepts. I'm not a project." Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes, via MMQB

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