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Quotes to Know: The most important soundbites after Browns loss to Bears

Many words were said at the podium and inside the Browns locker room after Thursday's 21-7 loss to the Bears.

Here were the ones that stood out the most.

"I feel good about where we are. I wish it would have been better – I don't like being 0-4 – I think you guys kind of know me a little bit, so that part I'll take and file away. Outside of that, now it's every week getting ready to play the game for wins and losses. It's not anything else. It's not evaluation period. It's game plan, it's making sure we cross the T's, dot the I's and get ready to play. I think our guys will be ready to play." -- Browns coach Hue Jackson

"We're all confident because we know what we've done. Even in the preseason we've been a big-play offense. We've hit those. We've just got to be more consistent and sustain drives. It was good for us to capitalize on our special teams unit getting us a turnover there and punching in a touchdown to finish off the preseason for us as 1's. I think all the guys know when the real bullets are flying in the regular season, that's when it counts." -- QB Robert Griffin III

"It's got to be different in 10 days. I think we've been doing a lot of good things throughout the preseason, not consistent enough but we do have hope that we can get it consistent. All we can do it keep working. It's never as perfect as you want it to be but if you put in the time and effort, you can get it there." -- DB Tramon Williams

"It is easy to tell that we have players that are showing effort, but we still have to pick it up. We need some turnovers. That is what our defense needs to do to be a top defense. We have to have turnovers and more sacks." -- DL Danny Shelton

"I'm excited. I think it looks pretty good. Coach Jackson has some big plans for us. He demands perfection and I think our guys are going to work on it and make sure we get the job done and at least do our part and do our jobs the best we can. We expect to win. That's our motto, that's our mantra." -- WR Josh Gordon

"(Carl) Nassib is a great player. I tell him before every game he gets a play, I got to get a play, too. We like to compete with each other. If he makes a play, I've got to make one, too." -- LB Emmanuel Ogbah

"It was good to get back out there and get the bad taste out of our mouths from last week because we didn't play the way we wanted to. We got out there and showed what we could do, and I'm looking forward to the regular season." -- TE Gary Barnidge

"We just got to put our head down and work. I think we're going to build off what we did in the preseason. I thought we got after it in the run game. We want to stop the run, stopping the run on the way to the quarterback. We did some good things in the run and we just got to prepare for Philly now. Everything counts now." -- DL Xavier Cooper

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