Quotes to Know: The most important soundbites after Browns loss to Patriots

Many words were said at the podium and inside the Browns locker room after Sunday's 33-13 loss to the Patriots. [



These were the most important.

"We just have to continue to get better collectively as a team and then we will look back and see exactly where we are. These are the games that you will point to to where we will make our biggest growth because I think when you play against an opponent that is as good as I think that team is because I think that is the best team we have played this season, you have a different barometer to look at and to judge everything by. I think I do. I think we all do. That is what the champions – because they have been – that is what the division champions look like – that is what they look like. That is what they play like. That is what we hope to be so that is what you are going to have to defeat as you move forward." -- Browns coach Hue Jackson

"I felt really comfortable. We felt comfortable as an offense. We were moving the ball well and the play calling was great. We were getting really in a good rhythm, and that is just from the last few weeks, too. I just continue to get more and more comfortable with the more playing time I get. Like I said, it is just unfortunate, and it hurt me to come out." -- QB Cody Kessler

"I give Cleveland a lot of credit. Those guys played hard. I think (Head Coach) Hue Jackson has done a great job with that team. Obviously, they're having a rough time at quarterback, but I give them a lot of credit. They're a tough bunch." -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick

"You go out there and you practice on Wednesday. You go to your meetings. You go full speed and you get as good as you can, individually and together as a team. That's the job of the quarterback. Work on your game and work on your team so that's what we'll continue to do. Coaches will provide us with game plans and we'll go from there." -- QB Charlie Whitehurst

"They outplayed us today in the run game for sure, and it's unfortunate because we wanted to run the ball, but they did a good job stopping it. We have to come back and get better and win some more one-on-one blocks." -- OL Joel Bitonio

"I think we all need to accept responsibility, but that is the kind of coach he is, even the man he is. We cannot let him down. We just need to execute better moving forward." -- OL John Greco, on Jackson accepting the blame for the loss

"We have got a job to do. They have got to believe in it. We have got to come in here we have got to figure out a way to get a win. I'm not changing, Joe T (OL Joe Thomas) is not changing, and the leaders on the team aren't changing. We keep going into practice every week. Had a great week of practice, a great week of preparation, that's all we can ask for. All we can ask them to do is keep coming in, keep working hard, keep watching the tape and just keep preparing." -- DB Joe Haden

"We have to keep fighting. We have to be able to continue to move the ball, whoever is in there. We have played with five quarterbacks already, including Terrelle (Pryor Sr.). I think guys aren't giving up. I know it doesn't always equate to wins, but it is a foundation. I do not think it's a matter of if, I think it is a matter of when. If we continue to fight and build that foundation, and I can't tell you when that is going to happen, but good teams fight. That is what my guys always do." -- WR Andrew Hawkins

"Before this game, a lot of people were saying that Tom Brady has not played in month but he is a future Hall of Famer. We expect him to go out and give it his best effort and do what Tom Brady does. We tip our hats off to him and the Patriots because they played well." -- LB Christian Kirksey

"Cody was doing a great job. He got hurt. We had (QB) Josh McCown get knocked down. Guys are just getting hurt. That is the way of the league. We just have got to have the next man up." -- WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.

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