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Robert Griffin III post-game press conference - 8/19

On if his performance tonight was a step in the right direction:

"Yeah, I think it was. We were able to get things clicking a little bit out there – working the long ball, still have a lot of things to work on, just as a team, continuing to work on doing things the winning way. That's what (Head) Coach (Hue Jackson) echoes to us after the games, and we have to continue to handle that end from the older guys all the way down to the younger guys, and I think we will."

On his two TD passes:

"Just two great plays by two individual players: TP (WR Terrelle Pryor) running by a guy, making a play for us, and then (TE) Gary (Barnidge) making an amazing catch. Those things don't happen without the offensive line blocking and the backs and everybody being accountable and being where they are supposed to be. I thought it was great execution on those two plays and we'd love to have that on every play."

On sliding on rushing attempts and if he is fully committed to sliding when running:

"Yeah, fully committed to it. It's something that Coach has emphasized to me. It's something I've learned over my career just with situations that I've been in. I can't thank everybody who has helped me get to that point where it's hammered in. I've learned my lesson from mistakes in the past."

On the importance of a good rushing game:

"Yeah, nobody wants to get the ball run on them. It's not just me running, but Crow (RB Isaiah Crowell) and (RB) Duke (Johnson Jr.) and Wat (RB Terrell Watson) and all these guys are doing a great job of picking up the dirty yards. Everybody sees the sexy run of the quarterback going down the sideline, but they don't see those nitty gritty runs that those guys make all the time so I'm appreciative of that. I know the offensive line is, too. Those things don't happen if everybody isn't on the same page."

On WR Terrelle Pryor:

"TP has been making plays all camp and really all offseason. It's been an amazing transition for him. I think everybody is excited for TP. Like I said, I'm a quarterback, he was a quarterback and we're the same high school graduating class so it's just been really cool to see the transformation. You can see the vibe on the sideline whenever TP makes a play. Everybody is excited for him because they know how hard of a transition it's been for him."

On taking care of the football and how much Coach Jackson emphasized not turning the ball over from last week to this week:

"It's not just from last week to this week. It's been the whole time. As a quarterback, you never want to throw interceptions. You don't want to put your offense in those situations. Last week, that happened and it's just reinforced. Since the offseason, since I first got here, Coach has always been about protecting the football, protecting the football, and we did a much better job of that overall today with turnovers and fumbles. That's something that he's always emphasized, something that we'll continue to emphasize and something that we'll go out there knowing that we have to protect the football and still be aggressive in our mindset."

On how comfortable he is playing again:

"It's just football. It's fun. I said it last week, just the opportunity to get out there and play with great people and people that you trust and know that everybody has the same goal, and it's to make this team a consistent winner. It's just fun to go out there. At the end of the day, it's just like practice. It's just brighter lights and there are more fans. It's truly a blessing to have that opportunity to go out there and play, and all those guys feel that way to showcase their skills and help this team win."

On OL Cameron Erving's missed shotgun snap:

"It's just something that can't happen. He knows that, I know that and we'll continue to work it. It's not just shotgun snaps. There are a lot of things that everybody has to work on consistently to do things the right way. We got a first down out of it, but those things can't happen. He knows that, I know that and we'll make sure it doesn't."

On if he imagines what the Browns offense could be once WRs Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon and Andrew Hawkins return:

"It's hard not to imagine it. It brings a smile to your face, but we have to make that a reality. It is just potential. Everyone can have potential, but you have to actually make it happen. It's not what you say, it's what you do. When we get those guys back, I know they'll be excited. They're itching to play. We're itching to have them, but the guys that are in there right now are doing a great job of helping us move the ball and have consistent plays. (WR) Rashard Higgins steps up when one of our starting receivers goes down. (WR) Taylor Gabriel makes a great catch on an ensuing play. When guys go down, guys have to step up and make plays and guys have done that."

On what two TDs and no turnovers does for the starting offense:

"I just think it gives it confidence. That's what the preseasons about. New coach, new quarterback, new system, new mindset, we're trying to erase the tape and record a new message. I think it gives everybody confidence that we know what we can go out and do. Quick on all cylinders. We can run the ball, we can throw the ball and make plays happen."

On if he was able to speak with Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan before or after the game:

"I did get a chance to talk to Kyle. I didn't get a chance to see him because he was in the box, but we talked before the game and just wished each other good luck. He's got a great group of guys over there that he's working with, and I've got a great group of guys that I get to work with every day. It was cool to hear from him. I got to see (Falcons offensive assistant) Matt LaFleur, (Falcons offensive assistant) Mike McDaniel, a bunch of guys that I've had in my career. Mike was here in Cleveland so it was good to see those guys."

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