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Robert Griffin III press conference - 8/12

(on the game as a whole) "I thought our operation, in and out of the huddle, on the line of scrimmage and making our calls, we never really had a problem with the game clock at all and I thought that was great. When you come out in the preseason you want to make sure all of those kinks are worked out. I felt like we hurt ourselves a little bit too much. I can't throw an interception; I've got to protect the ball. Outside of that, I thought the execution was there, but there is definitely potential for more on big plays out of us and we know that."

(on the interception by Micah Hyde) "I just have to throw it to Gary (Barnidge), I can't throw it to Micah. He made a great play, and me and Gary will continue to get on the same page just like all of the rest of the receivers. It's going to come with time, but overall, we are just excited to get back into practice and work on the things we just didn't do good enough tonight."

(on the first drive) "We want to be like every other offense, we want to be a big-play offense. TP (Terrelle Pryor) has done some great things all throughout camp and the spring and it translated to gameday and that was good to see. It was good to see him go make a play on the ball and really show up on gameday for us. That was awesome."

(on playing against a live rush for the first time) "I haven't been hit in a long time, and I was telling coach and some of the guys, you don't want to get hit, but it feels good to just be back playing football and it's truly a blessing. Going out there on the field, there's no nerves or anything. It's just excitement to be back out on the field playing the game that you love with great people. I'm excited about it and I can't wait to get back to practice."

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