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Robert Griffin III press conference - 8/30

On Head Coach Hue Jackson announcing Browns starters will play in the final preseason game and if he is looking forward to another chance to improve Thursday night:

"Every time you get an opportunity to go out there and play the game, it is an opportunity to improve. Coach decided he wants to play the starters. We are ready to go."

On what he hopes to accomplish in the final preseason game:

"Just continue to get better, execute our offense and make sure our operation is clean so that when we step on the field against Philly, we are confident and ready to play."

On how close the Browns are to being ready for the regular season opener:

"I think it's a gradual process that you go through from OTAs to the minicamps to training camp all the way through to the preseason. We have been really focused and making sure that we are attention to detail on everything that it is going to take to win. We have guys on this team that have won Super Bowls, and it is about using their leadership and what it takes to win the big games and apply that to our team. We have taken that to heart."

On how to help sustain longer drives:

"We just have to be more consistent. The only way to try to score is to try to score. That is what we are trying to do every time we go out there and play. We have guys that can make big plays, but those same guys can make the underneath plays that will keep drives going. It starts with me. I have to be more consistent to allow us to do those things."

On if the ability to create big plays but not sustaining drives is striking or encouraging, given the positives of big plays if the Browns are able to sustain drives:

"The objective is to score points. At the end of the day, no one is going to say, 'Well, they had this many drives. They didn't score on these drives but they scored on these ones.' If you win the game, that is what it is about. Coach has harped on us to make sure that we are doing everything the right way. If we can execute and hit the big plays, then we have to be able to execute and hit the small ones, and that is what we're focused on."

On his takeaways from the Browns surrendering five sacks at Tampa:

"Just get the ball out of my hands. My big boys up front are straining and doing everything they can to protect me so I just have to make sure that I get the ball out so that we don't have those sacks."

On if throwing the ball to WR Josh Gordon is how he expected it to be in a game:

"I played with Josh before so I know what to expect with him. When he steps out there on the field, he has a chip on his shoulder and he is ready to go out and make plays for us. Anytime we can get him the ball, definitely trying to do that but we have a lot of playmakers on this team and everyone understands that the ball is going to be disputed accordingly."

On if his timing with Gordon is good:

"Yeah, we hit those two big plays. There is a lot more that Josh can do than run deep, but it is good to see him do it."

On 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick not standing for the national anthem and Kaepernick's feelings:

"My job isn't to judge what another man feels about anything so that's where I stand with that."

On Jim Brown's comments about Kaepernick using his position to take a stance on a social issue, particularly as it relates to an NFL starting QB:

"I think you definitely have to bring a spotlight to issues that you feel are pertinent to society. Colin Kaepernick's stance on the American flag, I can't judge him for that. My stance is that for me, I'm a military brat. My parents both served. My dad did 21 [years]. My mom did 13 [years] so that represents something totally different for me. I can't judge him on what his stance is or what his beliefs are. I can only just go about it the way I know how to."

On if he has a significant respect for Brown, his contributions and how he used his forum on social issues:

"Without a doubt. Jim is a great guy, and he has been helpful to me since I have been here in Cleveland and honestly, since I came into the league. I got an opportunity to meet him. I greatly respect the man and what he has done not only for the game but for African-Americans everywhere."

On not sitting down during the national anthem, given his military background:

"It is not my place to judge what he wants to do or what he doesn't want to do. I'm focused on playing football. If there are any social issues that I feel like I need to address, then I will address them in my own way, but I'm not going to judge another man for addressing it how he wants to address it."

On if he respects Kaepernick's right to do it:

"Like I said, I'm not going to judge him."

On Jackson's expectation for him to play at 100 percent of his ability at all times:

"That is the goal. When you step out on the field and you get a chance to put that helmet on, it is an opportunity, and you make the most of those opportunities or you don't. That is what Coach preaches, that is what we believe in that locker room. Every time you put that helmet on, it is time to play."

On his comfort with the Browns WR corps:

"It is just about getting in-game live reps with guys. You have an opportunity to read their body language and their speed on the field on gameday. It's a little different than practice, but honestly, you just have to go out and trust them. That is the thing that I truly believe in. You have to trust the guys around you. Otherwise, you won't be successful. I trust those wide outs. I trust the line. I trust the backs. It is about 11 guys being on the same page. We are getting to the point where we are getting that, and we have to get it more consistently. That is why you go through all these practices and training camp and preseason games so that when the season rolls around, everything is good."

On his confidence that WR Corey Coleman can perform at a high level during an NFL game, given Jackson's comments that Coleman pressed in his first preseason game:

"I think without a doubt he can do that. I remember when I was a rookie and I had my first game, I had my first-game jitters too. People think that preseason games don't matter and don't count, but to rookies, they matter and they count. We are looking forward to getting Corey back out there against Chicago and unleashing him and letting him do some things so he can feel confident going into the season. If he doesn't catch any balls, it is just a matter of going through the process of going through another game, preparing, getting ready. I think that mental side of it will take care of it because Corey's physical attributes – you see him out at practice, you see him in the game – the guy can flat out run and catch the ball. It is just about letting that translate to gameday and having him feel comfortable. We are working on that process to make sure he does."

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