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Robert Griffin III press conference - 9/14


QB Robert Griffin III:**

On the setback:

"It sucks. It is football, but I am just going to continue to be there, keep everything the same, keep the process the same, be there for (QB) Josh (McCown) and the other QBs and the rest of the team and be a vocal leader since I cannot go out and be leader by example and play."

On if he was surprised with the severity of his injury:

"It is such a rare injury. I didn't really know what to think, but now that I know and we know and we have done all of the tests, I just listen to what the doctors and the trainers tell me to do and go from there."

On his mindset on the play when he was injured, given some people have criticized him for 'taking on' a defensive player:

"I really haven't heard what anybody has really said, but if you watch the play, I am trying to run out of bounds and the guy comes from out of bounds back in bounds and hits me. It is not that it is an illegal play on his part. I don't know. I do not necessarily think it was a dirty play. I just think it is something unfortunate that happened. If you watch my reaction, I was as surprised as everybody else. I was not trying to run anybody over or make it a bravado moment. I was just trying to get out of bounds. That is the way it all unfolded. It is unfortunate, but I just have to do exactly what the doctors and trainers tell me to do and be ready to go when that time comes."

On avoiding perceptions that 'bad luck' injuries follow him in his career:

"You can't think that way. I have only missed eight games in my career due to injury. You just have to make sure you stay focused, keep your mindset right and don't let that affect you as far as what you think or go out there and play the game. It is a beautiful game. I am very blessed to have an opportunity to play it. I look forward to getting back out there on the field."

On if he did not see the Eagles defender on the play or if he could simply get out of bounds without contact:

"I just thought he kind of surprised me. (TE) Gary (Barnidge), we talked about it. He was blocking him and shoved him out of bounds. When I was running that way, I was just trying to get out of bounds and he showed up right there. It wasn't that I was trying to run anybody over or anything. I was just trying to get out of bounds.

On what the injury does to his mindset, given it was a potential opportunity to prove he could be the future Browns QB:

"I'm still here. I am excited for the rest of the guys to go out and have the home opener this week against Baltimore, a division rival. I'm still in it with these guys. I have said it, I love this team and I am going to be here. I believe in these guys, God willing, I will be able to come back this year and play. I am going to make sure my mind is right and I get my body back righteous so I can have that opportunity. I'm in it with these guys every step of the way."

On his confidence that the medical evaluation will offer a positive result when he is reevaluated in the next three to four weeks:

"That's all you can do right? All I can do is take care of what I can take care of, do exactly what the doctors ask me to do. They asked me to wear a sling so I am wearing a sling. Just do exactly what they tell me to do and see what happens in three or four weeks and pray for the best and just keep my mind sharp and ready to roll."

On characterizing the likeliness of surgery down the road, given it doesn't require surgery:

"If you want an answer on that, you have to talk to (head) Coach (Hue Jackson).  I am not going to disclose that or anything. My job is to stay optimistic, stay positive, be here for my teammates and make sure that my mind is ready to roll."

On if he was 'feeling his way through the game' after not playing last season:

"I thought we missed some opportunities throughout the game to make big plays, and I certainly could have played better. I felt like I was seeing the game and playing the game better than I feel like I have ever. That is a big testament to the guys in this locker room, to the coaches around me helping me see the game and play the game at a high level, but I could have played better in that game and look forward to having that opportunity to play better later in this year."

On if he watched the play when he was injured a lot:

"I didn't watch it a lot, but I watched it."

On if the Eagles defender should not have even hit him because he was on his way out of bounds:

"I can't say that. I'm not going to put that on him. It was an unfortunate thing. What I will say is that it wasn't an accident. God has a plan, and my plan right now is not to play Week 2 and to be ready whenever He says it's my time to get back out there. That is something I truly believe. That is just based on my faith. This is another something to add to the testimony, and I look forward to coming back."

On if there was a 'down period' in his head when he first heard about the severity of his injury or if he has been steadily optimistic:

"No, I wouldn't say there was a down period. It is just unfortunate. I have been through a lot in my career. You fight through a lot of things, but when I came to the conclusion that God has a different story for me to tell right now, this is going to be part of it. I look forward to coming back from this and getting a chance to play with these guys and win some games and change the culture in Cleveland."

On if returning to the field this season is dependent upon whether or not he needs surgery:

"I'm not sure. You would have to ask the doctors and the trainers about that. I'm going to do everything they ask me to do and then we will make the best decision whenever I get my re-test and go from there."

On if he officially learned the severity of the injury on Monday:


On if he knew it was a serious injury prior to receiving the news from doctors:

"I just try to stay positive and not have any preconceived notions of what was wrong or what the tests were going to reveal. Based on what the tests revealed, it is good that I have an opportunity to heal and see what happens in three to four weeks. That was probably the best case scenario. Just move forward from there and stay positive, stay in it with the team. We are going to be OK."

On his conversation with Jimmy Haslam when he called him on Monday:

"That conversation stays between myself and Jimmy, but it was great to hear from him, an owner who had an opportunity to talk to us early in the offseason and just stress the importance of hard work and fighting through. It is the people who don't quit in life who end up making it and achieve all their goals. That is kind of the focus that I have right now, just stay in it with the team, stay in it mentally, and then when I am physically ready to get back out there, I'll be out there."

On if his goal is to return to the field this season:

"Everybody's goal is to play. It is not anything that I am going to rush back into. It is more of if the doctors say I'm good, the trainers say I'm good and my body feels good, then that is the goal, but it is not something where I'm saying, 'All bets are off. Doesn't matter what they say, I'm going back out there.' I just want to do the right thing and listen to what they have to say."

On if he is more equipped to deal with this situation now as opposed to earlier in his career due to his past experience and faith:

"Yeah, I think you have to use your experiences in life and learn from them. I have had some experiences and I have learned from them so I understand that now. I'm able to get my mind in the right place and then allow my body to follow suit. I feel good about it."

On if missing the game against the Washington Redskins elevates his level of frustration:

"Absolutely not (laughter). Absolutely not. Every game, I want to play this week. Every player we had get hurt in Week 1 wants to play this week. It is just unfortunate. We play a violent game, and sometimes things happen. Fluke things happen and you just have to accept that and power through it and make sure that you have the right mindset to conquer it. I'm thankful for the people around me – coaches, players – that they have helped me keep the right mindset. My experiences in life have shown me what I need to do to make sure I am ready to roll."

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