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Robert Griffin III press conference - 9/7

On his emotions prior to his first start since 2014:

"Just excited to go out and play with these guys. We have an opportunity to do something special. Everyone has the same goal at the beginning of the year and that is to win every game, and we are no different. We know what it takes. We know what we have to do to make that happen. Just excited to have that opportunity."

On the Browns' offensive focus this week, given it seemed unresolved during the preseason:

"It is just we are into game planning now. In the preseason, you don't game plan as much. It is just exciting to see how the offense is going to unfold and just really focus on execution and making sure we do our jobs."

On how different the Browns offense may look as the team creates a gameplan:

"I can't give away any secrets. I think we are going to emphasize the things we do best and just go out and try to make sure we make the right adjustments in game for whatever Philly brings to the table. They have a great team, great defense and we have a challenge ahead of us, but we are up for the challenge."

On if he pays attention to preseason expectations:

"No, you can't. You have no control over those things. You just have to focus on what you can control, and that is not one of them so I don't focus on it and I preach that to the team."

On if there is something special for season opener as the first of 16 games and to potentially build momentum:

"I think everybody wants to get off to a great start. You play this game in this league one game at a time. We are just focused on Philly. We are not focused on anything else, not worried about any expectations. We are just focused on making sure we go out and do our jobs to the best of our ability and be process driven."

On his emotions during his first NFL start as a rookie in a season opener, given Eagles QB Carson Wentz will make his first start:

"It is exciting. I was blessed to have the opportunity with the Washington Redskins to play in New Orleans, my parents' hometown. My whole family was there so it was an awesome experience. Obviously, we have to play them and our defense isn't looking to give Carson an awesome experience, but it is a beautiful game we get to play, a kid's game for a king's ransom. I'm happy for him, happy for his family that he has an opportunity to play in the NFL."

On former Redskins CB Darrell Green's comments, if it is fair for people to criticize his personal life and if he cares what people say about him:

"No, I make sure I don't focus on those things. That is the first time I have ever heard of that. That is not my job. For Darrel, a guy that I know personally, that is his prerogative. Whatever you say in a public sphere, you have to make sure you are ready to say that in a private sphere, as well. Darrel hadn't approached me about anything, and I considered him a friend so that is disappointing. It is nothing that I can control. I just focus on being here with the Browns, worry about football, focus on that, and don't let anything distract me."

On if the preseason went how he wanted individually and if he had specific personal goals:

"No, it's all about team goals. We just want to win. That is it. We want to win football games. We didn't do that in the preseason, but now the games count. Everybody is focused on what our team is going to be. The 53 that we have, we know what it's going to look like. We know what guys are going to be doing. It is up to us to go tell our story."

On if there is extra motivation to show the Browns that the team made the right decision to sign him and not draft Wentz:

"No, I signed here well before the draft. Regardless of that, it doesn't faze me or it iss not anything that I focus on it at all. Carson is a great player. He played well in college and he has an opportunity to fulfill his dreams in the NFL. I root for guys. I'm not a 'Negative Nancy.' I'm not rooting for guys to fail. Our team has a goal, and after the game, I will be everybody's friend, but during the game, it is time to play."

On if he is happy as he has been since 2012:

"It is exciting. Everything that I have been through personally in the league, it makes you have that emphasis on controlling what you can and focusing on what you can and when you get an opportunity make the most of it. Yeah, I'm extremely happy, not satisfied but happy with where I am, the opportunity that has been blessed upon me and being here with these guys is truly a blessing. I can't speak enough about how this locker room has been awesome. I have been able to grow as a player and as a leader in this locker room."

On the Browns' young WR corps:

"The young bucks, they are hungry. They are excited. Their mindset is on telling their story, which is our story so when they get out there, they have a chip on their shoulder and they want to prove to everybody that upper management and the coaches all made the right decision. I look forward to working with these guys every single day. It is just fun to be able to mold a group of young guys, a lot of rookies and a lot of guys that don't have a lot of playing experience in the NFL, but that is part of the game and I am excited about it."

On if he needs to have patience with a young WR corps and if he needs to 'pump the brakes' at times:

"I don't think you pump the brakes. I just think the expectation is for guys to go out there and do their job. As my guy (former Redskins LB) London Fletcher used to say, 'The expectation is domination.' We have to go out and those guys know that when we snap the ball, when they put that helmet on, they are no longer rookies; they are football players. They are Cleveland Browns. That part of it I am excited about because I know those guys have no fear."

On the biggest challenges with the Eagles defense:

"Everything. They have a lot of great players. I could mention all 11 starters or any of the backups that they have. They are a tenacious defense. They fly to the ball, and we have to be able to match their intensity. I could talk about them for days just being able to study them and playing against them for the past couple years in Washington. I know what they are going to bring to the table, and I know they are hungry and excited to have a new chapter started there, as well."

On if the Eagles defense is similar to what they played in the past few years when he studied them with the Redskins:

"No team stays the same, especially when you change coordinators. You can't base everything on what the past was. Those guys are trying to tell their story and start a new journey, as well, and you can see it on the tape. It shows up."

On being the Browns' team leader and the face of the franchise:

"You have to go out and lead by example. It is a blessing to be the face of a franchise or be the team leader. That is not something that you take lightly. I appreciate all these guys in here giving me that opportunity because you have to earn that. Nothing is ever given to you. You have to earn that. (Head) Coach (Hue Jackson) gave me an opportunity, (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Sashi (Brown) gave me an opportunity, and the (Dee and Jimmy) Haslams gave me an opportunity to come here and earn that position. I'm forever grateful."

On if the supporting cast he has with the Browns is as good as any with which he has previously played in the NFL:

"Every team is unique to its own team so I don't want to compare teams that I had in Washington to this team here. I just know that this team has the right mindset, we have the right coach and we have the right leadership in place. It is something that you can truly believe in, but we have to go prove that. I can sit here and talk for days with you guys, but we have to go prove that out on the field. That is what the guys are looking to do and that is what we are going to do."

On how much of an unknown the Browns are this season and how excited he is to be a part of it:

"I have had an opportunity with these guys to see what this team can be and what we can do every day in practice since OTAs, training camp, minicamp and then throughout the preseason. I don't think for us it will be any surprise what we can go out there and do when we are clicking and making sure we are executing at a high level. What everyone else expects and what they expect to see, we have no control over that, and we just can't focus on that so we stay in the moment."

On gauging growth of a young team other than of wins and losses:

"There are little things – just mindset and just how everybody goes about their business – but this game is all about wins and losses, and we are here to win. We are not here to lose. We are not here to rebuild or anything else. We are here to win. Every time we step out there on that field, every time we go to practice, watch tape, we are watching it with a winning mindset and we have to go play with that same mindset."

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