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Spencer Drango 'learned a lot' stepping up for the Browns O-Line

When injuries took their toll on the Browns' offensive line, Spencer Drango stepped up.

The rookie started nine games and played in all 16 through a season of highs and lows that saw Cleveland finish 1-15.

That was admittedly a challenge for the former Baylor standout.

"Ultimately, I think it taught us a lot. It was really cool to see how the team stuck together. I've never been on a team that's had this type of season, in high school and college it was always, it was different," said Drango, a fifth-round draft pick and two-time All-American.

"So for me it was valuable experience, but it taught you perseverance more than anything else because you had to keep going, you had to stick together you had to keep fighting for the guy next to you to try and get a win."

Drango did his part by filling in when setbacks started to mount in the trenches. Cleveland's front five was a fluid unit this past season, as starters Joel Bitonio and John Greco each suffered season-ending foot injuries.

"It was a lot of different things rolled into one," Drango said, "but ultimately I think I learned a lot."

With his first year of NFL experience in tow, the Austin native will head back to Texas for some much-needed and much-deserved rest and recovery.

"I'm definitely going to rest for a good long while. It's been a long season," said Drango, who's more or less been on the go since the end of his senior season.

But there's still work to be done. Drango said he plans on returning to Baylor —and maybe Dallas, too — to hone in his strength, footwork and overall technique. He'll be something of a big man on campus.

Drango, who said he learned from his veteran teammates in Joe Thomas, Greco, and Bitonio, welcomes the opportunity to offer similar guidance.

"If I can be that example for a little kid all the way up to guys I played with," he said, "it's a mantle that I'd be honored to have."​

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