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Survey says: Browns reveal details from inside locker room - Part 2

Browns general manager John Dorsey has reshaped the roster in Cleveland in relatively short time, so it would be reasonable to think some of the current players might not know their teammates the best.

We decided to put that to the test.

We put one-third of the Browns' roster through a 10-question survey to learn the important details -- who's the quietest, who talks the most trash, and who might give Joey Chestnut a run for his money on Coney Island -- about the 2019 team. We got some surprising answers, some memorable moments and a whole lot of self-promotion.

This is the 2019 Cleveland Browns survey.

We'll conclude the delivery of the players' various responses with this second and final part in the series.

6. Who is the biggest trash talker on the team?

WINNER: Damarious Randall (20)

Also receiving votes:

-Baker Mayfield (4)

-Christian Kirksey (1)

-Chris Smith (1)

-Brian Price (1)

-Devaroe Lawrence (1)

-Donnie Lewis (1)

-Undecided (1)

This question brought the quickest and most common response from nearly every player surveyed. Damarious Randall is Cleveland's king of trash talk.

"He just talks noise as soon as he hits the field," tackle Chris Hubbard said of Randall. "Just like today, him and Baker got into it. Baker's going to stand his ground, he's going to do what he do, but Damarious, he just likes to be in people's head. It's all about the game, man."

Randall is a funny, outgoing and charismatic individual who proudly graduated from Arizona State University during this offseason. He's likely the last person on the team to be picked as quietest, and he lets his trash talk fly no matter the weather. It's part of what makes him an effective defender, and it isn't lost on his offensive teammates.

"It don't matter what happen," receiver Rashard Higgins said. "He can get the ball caught on him, he gon' talk trash like 'it was only a 5-yard route!' ... It's just who he is, you feel me? It's in his nature, it's in his blood."

7. Who is the biggest prankster on the team?

WINNER: Undecided (10)

Also receiving votes:

-Baker Mayfield (3)

-Britton Colquitt (3)

-Demetrius Harris (2)

-Devaroe Lawrence (2)

-Sheldon Richardson (2)

This was the toughest question for the Browns to answer. Many of them simply admitted there aren't many pranks being played inside the locker room.

That might please the old-school section of fans who want these players to be only about business all the time. But make no mistake -- jokes are still played inside the facility in Berea.

"Either Larry or Myles," Randall said. "They just, they the type to take your phone and hide it from you for a whole six hours. Like, come on, bro. Camp is bad enough as it is, and then you're over here stressing looking for your phone."

Sheldon Richardson displayed his side for humor during the survey as he waited to shoot his part of a green-screen session for upcoming media use. As Christian Kirksey shouted into the camera, he let his emotion spill over and shouted at Richardson standing off camera.

"I sound like a dog, Sheldon!" Kirksey exclaimed.

"Boy, you sound like a chihuahua," Richardson replied.

It seems temporary theft (or borrowing, depending on who you ask) is the go-to prank for these Browns. It must be a defensive lineman thing.

"He always taking people's keys and stuff," Chris Smith said of Devaroe Lawrence. "Either Devaroe or Sheldon (Richardson). The D-linemen, for sure."

8. Who would you choose for your team in a game of trivia?

WINNER: JC Tretter (7)

Also receiving votes:

-Joe Schobert (4)

-Seth DeValve (2)

-Drew Stanton (2)

-Jaelen Strong (2)

-Myles Garrett (2)

-Joel Bitonio (1)

-Ray-Ray Armstrong (1)

-Olivier Vernon (1)

-Austin Seibert (1)

-David Blough (1)

-Christian Kirksey (1)

-Damarious Randall (1)

-Baker Mayfield (1)

-Britton Colquitt (1)

-Sheldrick Redwine (1)

-Undecided (1)

It seems as though the unfair stereotype of offensive linemen as behemoths without brains does not apply to the Browns. The reason: Two linemen were the quick answers for this question.

Need to win a round of Trivial Pursuit? Want to take home the biggest Jeopardy! prize? Look no further than the interior of the Browns line.

JC Tretter was a popular choice for his brains, in part because he is a graduate of Cornell University. Seth DeValve received similar Ivy League love for his time at Princeton. He turned to his fellow Ivy Leaguer for his own choice.

"Him and his (fiancee) watch Jeopardy! every night and he's a Cornell graduate and I want him on my team," DeValve said of Tretter.

"He's the smartest person I know," running back Nick Chubb said of Tretter.

Tretter received plenty of love for his brains, but not without a jab from a fellow veteran.

"He just has a bunch of useless knowledge," Stanton said of Tretter.

The quiet but wise Joe Schobert also got plenty of attention from his teammates for his smarts, which are evident on the field.

"He gets me the calls on the field and he rarely messes up, so I'll take Joe," Chris Smith said.

While dealing with the intellect of teammates, this response didn't come without a little bit of humor from Richardson, who said it best in relation to the Browns' darling quarterback.

"Baker (because) I feel like they'd give him the answers," Richardson said.

9. Which offensive player would be best on defense?

WINNER: Jarvis Landry (6)

Also receiving votes:

-Nick Chubb (5)

-Undecided (5)

-Antonio Callaway (4)

-Odell Beckham Jr. (2)

-Greg Robinson (2)

-Orson Charles (2)

-Dontrell Hilliard (2)

-Rashard Higgins (1)

-David Njoku (1)

Unlike the converse of this question, only one player selected himself for defense. Perhaps they don't want to tackle.

Well, except for Dontrell Hilliard.

"Stand your (butt) back there to get tackled and I'll tell you why," Hilliard replied when asked to justify his selection of himself.

Hilliard isn't the only offensive player with a bit of a reputation for being physical. Larry Ogunjobi selected Jarvis Landry as the best candidate to switch to defense. Why?

"I've seen him crack back on safeties," Ogunjobi said with a laugh.

Plenty saw Nick Chubb as a viable linebacker, thanks in part to his explosive strength and his speed. Those qualities also earned Antonio Callaway plenty of attention, especially from the veterans who spend time covering him.

"He's young, he's elusive, he's fast," cornerback T.J. Carrie said of Callaway. ... "Just his elusiveness, his quickness gives him a chance to play good. It might not be corner, but it might be safety or slot or any other position."

"He's explosive, and just playing backward I feel like he can translate well," safety Eric Murray said of Callaway.

10. If the Browns had to kick an extra point and kickers and punters weren't available, who would you pick?

WINNER: TIE between Odell Beckham Jr. (6) and David Njoku (6)

Also receiving votes:

-Dontrell Hilliard (3)

-Myles Garrett (2)

-Mack Wilson (2)

-Undecided (2)

-Nobody (2)

-Joel Bitonio (1)

-Baker Mayfield (1)

-Adarius Taylor (1)

-Willie Harvey (1)

-Christian Kirksey (1)

-Sheldrick Redwine (1)

-Anyone but an offensive lineman (1)

The heavy sighs elicited by this question were for the ages. After informing each surveyed player that specialists (kickers and punters) have been banished from American football, the combined feeling of terror and a need to solve the issue at hand washed over the players. All many of them could do was exhale before riding a long pause and eventually delivering the franchise's best hope of victory.

Some picked themselves. With the game on the line, they understandably want the ball in their hands (or at their feet).

Mack Wilson touted his background as a do-everything athlete.

"Me. I long snapped in high school, I punted in high school," Wilson explained. "I was the backup punter at Alabama. I'd pick me because I feel like I'm gonna do it. I have confidence in myself."

That's fair reasoning, but Wilson wasn't the only new arrival to choose himself. Consider it the special brand of confidence that comes with being an NFL rookie who has yet to hit training camp.

"I kicked in high school, I kicked in little league, so I'm trusting myself," Sheldrick Redwine said.

If not Wilson or Redwine, the Browns definitely have at least one solid candidate in No. 13:

That video inspired at least half of the reponses in favor of Beckham. And then, there's Damarious Randall's experience with Beckham's foot during offseason training in Los Angeles.

"I've seen him make a 55-yard field goal before," Randall said. "And he was playing around. We was just out in L.A. and he was just (playing) around and he just was like 'hey bro, watch this' *clicks* and I was like 'whoa, this is different.'"

Njoku, who could be seen kicking a football around like a soccer ball during some of the Browns' two-day media shoot, tied with Beckham because of his own background in soccer. Dontrell Hilliard pulled a few votes because of his athletic versatility. One of those votes came from actual kicker Greg Joseph.

Ever a realist with a penchant for the unusual, Orson Charles provided the best answer of the entire group.

"Oh, we're screwed," Charles quickly replied. "We tried this a week ago and nobody made a kick. So we're screwed."

Good thing kickers exist.