Terrelle Pryor named breakout player, Andrew Hawkins explains why

Terrelle Pryor Sr. went from one catch in 2015 to 77 for 1,007 yards and four touchdowns -- all of which served as team-highs.

With Pryor, of course, the scope of his transition goes beyond the numbers. He was a quarterback all of his life up until the summer of 2015 and was without a team for most of the following season. His comeback at a brand new position was well-documented through his productive year and was once again recognized this week when Pro Football Focus' included him on a top-10 list of breakout players in 2016.

"Once the regular season got under way … he quickly became the team's unquestioned No. 1 WR, and spent the year dealing with a revolving door at QB," PFF wrote. "Pryor has big potential and proved this season that he is a legitimate receiving threat at this level, something that seemed like pure wishful thinking before 2016."

The website wasn't the only one that was skeptical when Pryor made the move from quarterback to wide receiver. One of his veteran teammates, Andrew Hawkins, admitted to be one of them Tuesday during an appearance on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football."

"Terrelle came in last year as a QB convert, he was going to wide receiver," Hawkins said. "I can remember the first practice I'm like, 'this kid is terrible. There's no way this is going to work. There's just not enough time. He's 26, 27 years old. He's just not going to do it.'

"I've never been around a player that's worked as hard as Terrelle Pryor. I'm talking about putting the time in. Terrelle will text me at 1 in the morning asking, 'Hey, you think this play is going to be called?' I'm like, 'Terrelle, I'm off the clock. Don't talk to me. I've got kids.'

"This is who he is. He's the first one to the facility, he's the last one to leave. When he got cut, he went back and was working on his receiving skills. To see where he is now is amazing. If you gave me 1,000 players that wanted to move from quarterback to receiver, there may be two of them that make it happen. Terrelle is one of those athletes."

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