Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes shows off big arm, footwork at Pro Day

Patrick Mahomes is out to prove he can do it all at the next level.

So the Texas Tech quarterback let it rip at his Pro Day on Friday afternoon, doing his best to show off a big arm and refined mechanics before NFL teams on hand.

"I just wanted to show I could do all the footwork, just doing all the footwork the right way and just making the deeper throws," Mahomes told NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock. "The 18-yard comeback, the 20-yard comeback, rolling out maybe. I wanted to show I can make every NFL throw possible."

Mahomes, widely viewed as one of the most intriguing prospects in this year's draft class, put up ridiculous numbers in the Red Raiders' high-flying offense. The two-year starter and former pitcher combined for 9,705 yards, 77 touchdowns, and 25 interceptions over that span.

That production, plus a big frame and litany of natural athletic gifts, has led some to believe Mahomes -- a three-sport star in high school -- could be a first-round or early second-round pick next month. Mahomes, who played in a spread offense where he received plays from the sideline, said he's learning the verbiage of being an NFL quarterback in addition to mastering the finer points of the position, like his footwork.

"You can see sometimes, I'm trying to get those mechanics, I'm still working on it, and you forget to throw it sometimes," Mahomes told Mayock when asked of his Pro Day performance. "You forget to finish your throw. And it's just, as I keep going and I keep getting more repetition I'll get better and better at it."

Mahomes, the son of a Major Leaguer who figured he'd play baseball for the rest of his life, also told Mayock why he chose football.

"I grew up in clubhouses I thought that was the way I was going to go," said Mahomes, who left Texas Tech's baseball team in 2016. "But as I started playing football, I realized I didn't love baseball like I love football. And it was just this new love that was just more than I loved anything else."

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