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The 10 best Browns quotes from Thursday


1)     *Joe Haden: "We don't want to push it all on JG's (Josh Gordon's) back like he's the savior but that dude has so much ability. You can just tell when he's out on the practice field – he's so big, running around effortlessly. He's someone you have to pay attention to."*

KJ's analysis: Sure the Browns are tempering their expectations for Gordon – as they should be. The team-first approach is why Cleveland (6-4) has exceeded every experts prediction. Predicting Gordon will go off for 100 yards and one touchdown is not farfetched, at all. * *

2)     *Kyle Shanahan on Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West: "It's their show now…We need them to step up, and I'd be surprised if they don't."*

3)     *Isaiah Crowell on the increased opportunity: "It's more preparation. It's more focus…Me and Terrance are still learning; we're still working. I feel like we have what it takes."*

KJ's analysis: Crowell and West could potentially be the Browns' duo for quite some time. Both have potential to touch the roof, and both will now get the adequate amount of carries to see how respectable they can become as a duo. Does Cleveland want one of them to emerge as an elite option? Of course. But together, Crowell and West can churn out enough yardage on the ground to reignite the offense.

4)     *Jim O'Neil: "I think that you would struggle to find a corner that was drafted this past year playing at a higher level than K'Waun Williams right now. *It's just hard to keep K'Waun off the field."

KJ's analysis: Here’s our full article on Williams’ recent dominant performances. If Williams continues to play like this, he could garner some Defensive Rookie of the Year consideration.

5)     *Justin Gilbert: "No matter how good you are, cornerback a big technique position. It's just something I haven't really mastered yet."*

KJ's analysis: You have to respect Gilbert owning up to not being where he wants to be 11 weeks into his first professional season. With that being said, O'Neil says Gilbert is still a big part of the game plan this week against Atlanta's pass heavy offense. Gilbert hasn't been consistent. But he knows there is room for improvement.

6)     *Mike Pettine: "We just have to be like a kid with a new toy at Christmas. Brian gets it. He's smart enough to know, whether Josh is out there or not, that's got to go where the read takes him."*

KJ's analysis: Hoyer's strength all season long has been spreading the football around. If Gordon's talents are maximized, it will open up the football field for Andrew Hawkins, Miles Austin, Travis Benjamin and the Browns' secret weapon – Taylor Gabriel.  

7)     *Jim O'Neil: "Mingo needs to step up for us…He's fought through [his shoulder injury]. He's been a warrior for us"*

KJ's analysis: The Browns aren't grading Mingo's production on a curve even though he's been listed on the injury report every single week this season. If Sheard isn't able to go, Mingo has to consistently pressure Matt Ryan and he has to wrap up when he tackles running backs.

8)     *Travis Benjamin: "Before the game I'm going to go out and challenge [Devin Hester] that I'm going to have a better game than him at punt returner. It'll push myself to the next level."*

9)     *Special teams coordinator Chris Tabor on preparing for Devin Hester: "I slept like a baby, cried my way to sleep last night."*

KJ's analysis: You'd be hard-pressed to find a veteran respected as much as Hester is in the Browns' locker room. Benjamin grew up in the same county as Hester and the two exchange texts every now and then. Tabor coached Hester in Chicago, and rightfully called him a future Hall of Famer.

10)     *Mike Pettine: "Jabaal Sheard, it is encouraging…there's an outside chance he goes this weekend."*

KJ's Analysis: Sheard (foot injury) told he's going to do everything he can to get out on the field, even it doesn't mean a full repertoire of moves. Pettine wasn't as hopeful for Karlos Dansby's MCL injury, but the club isn't ruling out the linebacker just yet.

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