The City of Cleveland is a main character in Draft Day movie

Kevin Costner is an actor in the movie Draft Day, releasing nationally on Friday. So is Jennifer Garner. So is Denis Leary.

And so is the City of Cleveland.

When you check out the film this weekend, you will likely recognize restaurants, street corners and several other nuances that make Cleveland the distinct city it is. Dramatic shots of the skyline, FirstEnergy Stadium and the Browns' facility in Berea also give the film even more local flavor.

"I thought Cleveland was a very important character in the film," director Ivan Reitman told Vic Carucci in a sit down interview. "The heartache of Browns fans after going through the moving of the team, with lack of success the last 20 years, and their still fervent fans. By spending six weeks there, I could see that."

Pro Bowl tight end Jordan Cameron agreed with Reitman's sentiment about the loyal "Dawg Pound" supporters.

"The fans deserve this movie. Our fan base is one of the best in the country," Cameron said. "It's important for them to kind of have something they can call their own. Us players, we were familiar with where they filmed it, at our facility. It was cool to be a part of it."

Draft Day Movie orange carpet screening

Quarterback Brian Hoyer agrees it's a positive look for the team and the city in general.

"They aren't making movies about NFL teams every day," said Hoyer, who recommends the film to all football fans.

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