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Browns Uniforms

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Timeline: Documenting the changes Browns have made to their uniforms since 1946

With the announcement that the Browns will be revealing new uniforms Wednesday, take a look back at the team's appearance from its inception in 1946 all the way through 2019.

A change to the Browns uniforms is on its way.

But that's for another day -- Wednesday, to be exact.

In the present, we're taking some time to reflect on the history of the team's uniforms, which have come a long way from the plain white helmets and white and brown jerseys of the inaugural 1946 season.

While the threads that have bound us for 74 years have remained largely consistent throughout the storied franchise's history, there have been plenty of tweaks along the way.

The following is a breakdown of the most significant. Keep in mind, there have been plenty of small tweaks here and there to the striping and socks throughout the years that are not fully included in this space.

1946 – In the team's inaugural season, the Browns wore plain white helmets and sported white and brown jerseys with classy, shadow-boxed numbers. These jerseys were worn for only one season.

1947 – The Browns introduce what is now viewed as the "classic" Browns uniform.

1950 – The Browns introduced solid orange helmets for the first time as part of their uniform. They become the permanent hue when the team shifts to plastic helmets in 1952.

1953 – Orange uniforms are introduced for the first time when they don them for their home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. They would appear again in exhibition games in 1954 and 1955 before being shelved for 47 years.

1954 – The first facemasks added to Browns helmets are gray.

1957 – For three seasons, the Browns add brown jersey numbers to all of their helmets.

1960 – For one season only, the Browns add two brown stripes that flank the existing white center striped helmets along with the brown jersey numbers on the side.

1969 – A commemorative patch is added to the uniform to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the NFL. This is the first time that a patch of any kind is worn on the uniform.

1970 – Names are introduced to the back of all jerseys and remain a permanent fixture.

1975 – Orange pants are introduced for the first time and worn regularly. All facemasks are changed to white.

1984 – Jerseys are radically redesigned as solid orange pants are replaced by white pants that for the first time feature a thick orange center stripe outlined with brown stripes to go with solid orange or brown socks. The brown jerseys feature a thick orange stripe surrounded by two thin white stripes, and the white jerseys have a thick brown stripe surrounded by two orange stripes. Brown jerseys with orange numbers are worn for the preseason before being scrapped because the numbers proved to be too difficult for spotters to recognize during the game.

1985 – The Browns scrap the look after just one year and return to the "classic" Browns look.

1999 – After a three-season hiatus, the Browns return in their "classic" look.

2002 – Orange jerseys make a return to the field for the Browns. They ultimately wear them four times from 2002-04.

2003 – The Browns wear orange pants seven times from 2003-04. The thick orange center stripe returns to the pants for the first time since 1984.

2006 – The Browns' facemask changes from white to gray.

2008 – Solid brown pants are introduced for the first time. They make their regular season debut one year later and become a fixture with the white jerseys.

2010 – The Browns retreat to wearing white pants with white jerseys.

2013 – The Browns sport a "brown out" version of their jersey for a Thursday Night Football game against the Buffalo Bills at FirstEnergy Stadium, wearing their brown jersey with solid brown pants and socks for the first time in team history. 

2015 – The Browns debut expansive changes to their uniforms, giving the team a potential nine different combinations with the colors white, brown and orange being available for jerseys, pants and socks. The facemask changes from gray to brown. The jerseys include "CLEVELAND" over the numbers, and the pants feature "BROWNS" running down the side. The Browns wear the combination of brown jerseys, orange pants and orange socks in their first regular season game with the new look.

Nov. 2015 – Cleveland wears its alternate orange jersey for the first of two times during the regular season in a home game against the Cardinals. The jersey does not appear again after the team's Dec. 13, 2015, win over the 49ers.

Sept. 2018 – The Browns wear their Color Rush jerseys for the first time after going through multiple seasons in which they were unable because of color conflicts with the opponent. Cleveland sported the all-brown with orange numbers throwback look in a Thursday Night Football triumph over the Jets, ending a 19-game winless streak in the process. The Browns sport the uniforms two other times during the season and win both games.

2019 – The Browns make their Color Rush uniforms their "Primary Colors." That allows the Browns to wear them a total of seven times, including once on the road in a November game at Denver.

2020 – Stay tuned.