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Travis Benjamin press conference: Browns vs. Titans

On his second touchdown catch:
"It was one of those downs where we needed to stay on the field. Once I saw (QB) Johnny (Manziel) rolling left, I knew I just had to get in his vision. He just saw me and launched the ball and I ran up under it."

On if he and Manziel made eye contact:
"His eyes are always downfield. When Johnny is scrambling, he's always looking to throw first. Once I put my hand up, I saw him call it and I just ran up under it."

On his relationship with Manziel:
"We all have a great relationship. My main goal is trying to help him to help the offense because we need him. It doesn't matter if it's him or (QB) Josh (McCown). That connection as a receiving group is what makes us close with those guys."

On managing to be open so often:
"Being fast. It just comes to a point where, if a defensive back is five to six yards close to me and I have the deep ball, I just tell Johnny or Josh to put it in the air and I'll go get it for them."

On Head Coach Mike Pettine telling him he could never go to Nashville:
"I looked at him and said I won't ever go back again. Even if we had to play again, it would be a tough time for me (laughter)."

On how this year is compared to last year after his injury in 2013:
"It's a bit comforting and different. Last year going in, I was kind of hesitant in my steps. This year going in as a punt returner, I want to be the best in the game. I sat down and talked to (special teams coordinator) Coach (Chris) Tabor about it and he believed in me. We came to it this year and we're having a great year so far."

On the punt return touchdown:
"It was designed. We had a field return and Tennessee is always trying to spread the field. I saw a crease and once I hit it, I was untouched until the end zone."

On the first touchdown pass:
"Based on coverage. We knew that we would get a certain coverage. Before Johnny and I even came on the play in that series, I told him if you get this coverage just launch the ball and I'd go get it."

On Manziel:
"He's a great guy. He ignores the noise outside, which everyone doesn't notice. He's just got to keep playing. Winning this week, we've got Oakland on the schedule next week. We've just got to come out and do the same thing."

On if he envisioned starting the season with four touchdowns in two games:
"I always envision greatness, knowing that every time I'm on the field I'm coming out and putting my best foot forward."

On if people doubted he would make the team:
"I don't look at the media. I don't look at the outside looking in. I know that as a personal goal, I was going to compete and play hard, and I made the 53."

On if he feels any pressure:
"I don't put pressure on myself. We as an offensive unit know that it takes 11 guys to run a play. As we come out there, we know the goals we set for ourselves as an offense. Once we went up, we know the defense is going to get the stop."

On being utilized more as a receiver than past years:
"I think it's a good thing for me, knowing that the previous coaches thought I was just a return guy and this coaching staff came in and Flip (John Deflippo) came in and he used me in the offense, and that's great thing for me and the Browns."

On if he really didn't know he was close to breaking a Browns record for most all-purpose yards:
"I didn't know that. I probably would have went to Flip (John DeFilippo) and had him dial up another play (laughter)."

On if his confidence and swagger is coming back after the injury with four touchdowns on the board:
"I wouldn't say it's swagger. I'm always confident. I know that just believing in God and just going out there and playing at my highest ability possible, good things are going to happen."

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