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Travis Coons always plays it cool, even on game-winning FGs

BALTIMORE -- Music blared. Players shouted from one corner to the other. The Browns locker room was a fun place to be.

All the while, as reporters circled him, Travis Coons kept his cool just like he did on Sunday's game-winning, 32-yard field goal. Really, it's the only way you'll catch Coons. There isn't much volatility to the rookie kicker's emotions, and Sunday served as the latest example.

"It feels good. A kick's a kick. It's just the last points on the board, so it doesn't really feel any different," Coons said. "It's huge to get this win but it wasn't just me that put points on the board. It was the whole team."

The Browns needed every last point on a day when 60 minutes wasn't enough to settle the team's AFC North opener. And when Cleveland's red zone offense faltered in the first half, Coons was there to help the Browns chip away at a Ravens' lead that grew to double digits on multiple occasions.

Coons' game-winner, a 32-yard no-doubter that capped an 11-play drive in overtime, was his fourth of the game and 11th of the season. Including extra points, Coons hasn't missed since he beat out Carey Spear for the job midway through the preseason.

Mike Pettine joked Coons saves his misses for practice. There was minimal anxiety from the Browns coach when Coons was summoned to the field to attempt the first game-winner of his career.

That counts college, too.

"His preparation, his mentality, he's a rookie, and he's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so this is just a day in the park for him," Pettine said. "This is just what he likes to do. We wanted to get the ball over to that hash mark, and he put it right down the middle."

Coons is one of three remaining kickers who has been perfect on 11 or more kicks. He's one of two from that group that can also claim a perfect mark on extra points.

A resume like that is why veteran cornerback Tramon Williams said he wasn't nervous at all when Coons lined up a kick that would give the Browns their first win in Baltimore since 2007. Same goes for linebacker Christian Kirksey and a number of others who were polled in the locker room after the game.

As for Coons? His reaction to his season to date was similar to what he felt about the biggest kick of his Browns career to date.

"Those numbers don't really mean anything to me right now," Coons said. "I'm trying to go one-for-one every time I step on the field and then at the end of the season I'll go back and look at the stats."

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