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Veteran OL Coach Bill Callahan very impressed with 1st year HC Kevin Stefanski who 'has a plan for everything'

Bill Callahan came to the Browns this offseason in a highly lauded move that saw first-year Head Coach Kevin Stefanski add a veteran coach with 40 years of experience, including 25 in the NFL with stints as a head coach, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach.   

As excited as Stefanski was to bring Callahan into his staff, the veteran was equally thrilled to join Stefanski and the Browns organization. Currently, Callahan is dialed into his Zoom meetings but can't wait to "get on the grass" with his guys and get to work for the upcoming season.  

Asked what he has seen from the first-time head coach in these difficult times, Callahan made it clear that Stefanski has already made a strong impression.

"He's been awesome ... in every respect," Callahan said. "Organizationally, communicatively he's really reached out to everybody and has everybody involved from top to bottom … I like the inclusiveness and I just love the way he communicates. He's well-measured and he's well thought out and he has a plan for everything. And if he doesn't know, he's humble enough to say 'you know, I gotta do this a little differently, what do you guys think?'"

Overall, Callahan couldn't be happier to be a part of the Browns staff. 

"It's really, really positive. I'm happy for (Stefanski) that he's the head coach and I'm very, very honored to be working for him as an assistant."

Callahan joined Cleveland Browns Daily on Friday to talk about his career, his coaching philosophy, this coaching staff, Jedrick Wills Jr., Jack Conklin, JC Tretter, Joe Thomas and the challenges of coaching in a Zoom world during a fun and wide-ranging interview.

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Here are some of the top quotes.

On why he chose the Browns:

"I've been watching the Cleveland situation for a number of years. The acquired talent, you know Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb and Myles Garrett. Then of course we (Washington) opened the preseason with the Browns and I was very impressed with the skill positions and what they did here. That missing piece was the offensive line and I felt that I could contribute, that I could make it better. It was a good system fit, a good staff fit and the main thing is that I'm with good guys."

On how rare it is to be on a coaching staff which features four former/current offensive coordinators:

"It really is (rare), but what I really appreciate about our staff is that all of our coaches have no ego."

On the key to Wills' transition to LT and video technique workouts:

"What's really important is the mindset and the wanting to go over there and take on the best pass rushers in the league. (Jedrick's) mindset, his makeup is right and his intangibles show up in tangible ways on the field.

"He's out drilling and sending tape back. We can go back and look at it together and slow it down. It has been really positive and I've had a lot of fun with it. I've done it in the past with players, so it's really no big deal, but it's great that he has the desire to go out every day and work his craft. He wants to get better, wants to learn from some of the best in the game that have done it. His want-to is really high ... and he's got the intrinsic makeup to really want to be good."

On Joe Thomas' offer to work with Wills and others:

"I welcome that. Just to have Joe around … he's welcome to any meeting, any practice, he's always welcome … How cool is that, that you can have a future Hall of Famer right in your backyard be a resource for your first-round pick."

On what makes a great offensive line:

"The ones that really surface to the top are the ones that have character and intelligence. You really have to have those two traits to do really, really well. I've been lucky to be around a lot of good lines and that's really been the common denominator."