Viral Instagram: Andrew Hawkins kicks his son out of the house for rooting for the Bengals


Andrew Hawkins' 2-year-old son Austin, is still a Bengals fan.

Hawkins developed a close-knit relationship with his former Bengals teammates AJ Green and Mohamed Sanu, who would come over to his house all the time and hang with the toddler.

So in an Instagram video, Hawkins asked Austin to list his favorite NFL players – thinking Austin would say, 'Daddy.'

The response turned out to be a hilarious one.

"Sanu and AJ," Austin exclaimed.

Hawkins decided to teach his son a little lesson in the spoof video, which has gone viral, pretending to kick his son out of the house for liking the Bengals.

"It's an all-Browns house – very low tolerance for treason in my house," joked Hawkins about the video.

For being such a youngster, Andrew has been blown away by his son's grasp for the game of football. Austin can name 25 NFL teams.

"All he wants to do is watch football, play football, he knows the players…and he still even roots for those guys he recognizes," said Andrew.

Austin's favorite Browns players are Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel and John Greco. He's slowly but surely becoming a member of The Dawg Pound.

"I'm a new dad and it's the coolest thing I have going for myself, honestly," Hawkins said with a grin.

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