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What's next for the Browns after voluntary minicamp

The buzz surrounding the NFL Draft is as loud as ever with Thursday night in Chicago fast approaching.

But there's still work being done in Berea, as first-year coach Hue Jackson and current members of the roster wrapped up their first voluntary veteran minicamp last week.

Now, the Browns enter what Jackson calls "Phase Two."

"We get to go back and break down some of the things in the minicamp," he said Thursday on Cleveland Browns Daily, "and re-teach them in a different tempo out on the field starting next week."

Jackson said he was "pleasantly surprised" by what was gleaned from the three-day camp, lauding the players for setting something of a standard for the rest of the offseason.

"They've really established a work ethic. I think they come to practice with a purpose, and they understand what we're trying to accomplish each and every day," he said.

"Again, I give a lot of that credit to our coaching staff. It's been a real good three days for us to have an opportunity to be on the grass and coach our football team. It's just another evaluation process for us. That part of it is now done, and we'll get back to phase two next week."

Jackson added: "It was really fun to be around the guys and see how they work, how they interact with each other, how they interact with coaches, how they interact with me and really understand what the expectation is here and what we need to do to win.

"But at the same time, understanding that it's just three practices and just trying to stack good days on top of each other, which was our goal," Jackson continued. "I thought our football team accomplished that goal. If we did nothing else, I thought the guys went out there, like I said, with a purpose, with an enthusiasm, they wanted to be out there."

The Browns can begin individual instruction and drills for the group starting May 4 before rookie minicamp, which is set for May 13-15.

Through it all, Jackson said, the goal is consistent improvement.

"I'm expecting us to take the next jump as far as understanding our offense and defense and special teams schemes," he said.

"And hopefully whatever we mistakes we've made in this three-day minicamp, we erase those because in order to be as good as we want to be, we know we've got to play mistake-free football."

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