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What they are saying about Browns coach Hue Jackson

Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis:

"I'm very happy for Hue. He is an outstanding coach and even a better friend. I wish him the very best 14 times each season."

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer:

"Hue is a great coach. He is smart, demanding and innovative. He is a great hire for the Browns."

Cardinals QB Carson Palmer:

"I've known Hue since I was a sophomore in high school when he was trying to get me to go to USC. It worked. He was a big reason I went there and has helped me a ton in developing as a player throughout my career. I'm really excited to see him get this chance. He's an awesome choice for the Browns. They're not only getting an amazing football mind but a tremendous person and I'm thrilled for him."

Bengals OL Andrew Whitworth:

"Hue is a leader and a guy who believes in leadership and accountability from his players. He's going to push you every day to play your absolute best and to be a leader every day and on every play. He wants his guys to be confident and he'll work to make you that way, but he'll also challenge you to never accept what you've done as being good enough."

Former Bengals WR Chad Johnson:

"You get more than just a coach. Hue Jackson is a gem. He was a gem for me and I am speaking gem, g-e-m. He was a gem for me in really allowing me to see the game of football differently when he was in Cincinnati. Allowing me to flourish as a receiver. I know in Cleveland things didn't go as well as everyone would like. With Hue coming on board, being able to get the maximum amount of potential out of each player is what I know is going to happen because he was able to do it with me. I am sure he will be able to do it with them."

Former Oakland Raiders CEO and current analyst for CBS Sports Network Amy Trask:

"On the field, Hue does what the very best coaches do: evaluates player talent, understands how to best maximize that talent and positions the team to succeed. Off the field, Hue is communicative and collaborative, and he was always eager to assist in every way he could throughout the organization. He wanted us to be the best we could be, on and off the field. He was both a leader and a teammate."

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