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With an eye toward April, Browns turn attention to Pro Days

After a week of late nights and early mornings at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, the Browns continue to evaluate potential future members of their club.

And the nonstop grind of preparing for the league's annual draft won't slow down until late April.

This is the home stretch.

Because of this, Cleveland and other teams now turn their attention to Pro Days across the country, where players (including those who were not invited to the combine) have what is more or less a final chance to impress league coaches and scouts. Likewise, these campus visits offer teams one of the final chances to take stock.

"I think what happens after we leave here, it's about going back and making sure we evaluate what we saw and really talk through that," Jackson said at the combine.

"And I think you guys all know that there are campus visits across the country that these young men hold for their respective colleges and we're going to be there and be very active in looking at these guys again."

But truth be told, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

"This is the time when the evaluation process gets a lot of publicity, but the reality is it started last spring for a lot of these guys," said Sashi Brown, Cleveland's executive vice president of football operations.

"We do most of our work in the fall. The key here is not to fall in love what with you see at the very tail end of the process that's highly publicized, and is the last thing you see, so it can have an impression."

To be sure, like the combine, Pro Days are important and influential in their own way. Players have the chance to either reaffirm or dispel previous on-field notions about themselves. It's the final meet-and-greet in what's something of a long and rigorous job interview. And for the Browns -- who hold the second and 32nd overall picks along with a number of picks in the later rounds -- any chance at further evaluation could be considered a valuable asset.

"But (we don't want) to forget the substantive evaluation is really done by our scouts in the fall. The character (evaluations), the medical at this point is really important," Brown said, "but most of the work that we've done so far in terms of evaluating these players is in the books and we can't ignore that."

After all, the Browns have said they know what they want in a player.

"When I think of specifics of what we're looking for in players ... obviously I'm looking for high-character guys. And I want guys that have high football character on this football team. But that being said, we're also looking for some people that are tough, guys that have passion for the game of football, because we all know it's a very tough game, so we're also looking for those kind of people, too, as we go through the process," Jackson said.

The next month offers Cleveland another look.

Notable Pro Days (list compiled by

March 7: Auburn, Minnesota

March 8: Connecticut, Kansas State, Northwestern, Oklahoma State

March 9: Alabama, Buffalo, Colorado, Colorado State, Louisville Marshall, Oklahoma, Rutgers, Wisconsin

March 10: Clemson, Illinois, Mississippi State, Oregon, Washington State

March 11: Ohio State, Oregon State, Texas Tech

March 14: Bowling Green, Cincinnati, LSU, Toledo, Wake Forest

March 15: UCLA, Virginia, Western Michigan, Youngstown State

March 16: Arkansas, Baylor, Boston College, Fresno State, Georgia, Louisiana-Lafayette, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, San Jose State, Temple, Virginia Tech

March 17: Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Penn State

March 18: Akron, California, Georgia Tech, Kent State, Michigan, Navy

March 21: Iowa, North Carolina State, South Florida

March 22: Florida, Iowa State, North Carolina

March 23: Duke, Missouri, Ohio, Purdue, Syracuse, Texas, USC

March 24: Arizona, Ball State, East Carolina, Houston, North Dakota State, Southern Miss, Utah

March 25: BYU

March 28: Ole Miss

March 29: Florida State, Western Kentucky

March 30: Maryland, Miami (Fla.), SMU, South Carolina, Tennessee

March 31: Boise State, Notre Dame, TCU, Washington

April 1: Coastal Carolina, Indiana

April 4: West Virginia

April 6: Memphis, Texas A&M

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