Request Player or Coach Appearance

Request Player or Coach Appearance

Browns Give Back is pleased to have the opportunity to help your community. It is our honor to "give back" and contribute to non-profits that serve children and families in Northeast Ohio. We appreciate your support and continued interest. Due to the volume of inquiries received, please make sure to submit a formal request by following the procedures and guidelines outlined below. The procedures and guidelines are designed to assist you in the request process for the Browns' potential involvement with your 501(c)(3) organization. Please Note: Submitting a request only guarantees consideration, it does not guarantee the Browns' involvement.

Important Information About Appearance Requests

Due to the large volume of requests received on a monthly basis, there are no exceptions to the below guidelines. Also, because of the amount of requests received, the Browns have established a statewide only for donations of charitable items. Organizations within the state of Ohio with priority to Northeastern Ohio will receive primary consideration of support from the Browns depending on the nature and scope of the event.

The use of the Cleveland Browns name, trademarks (e.g. logos, team name and uniform, slogans, etc.) and copyrights (e.g. logos, game action photos and footage, etc.) (the "Club IP") is strictly prohibited unless otherwise permitted in writing. In the event use is permitted, Club IP shall only be used in accordance with the Browns' General Guidelines for the Use and Approval of Intellectual Property, such other guidelines and restrictions as the Browns may from time to time adopt, the rules of the National Football League, National Football League Properties, Inc., and all applicable law. All Club IP shall be and remain the property of the Browns. Any and all rights under trademark or copyright law or other property rights thereof shall inure to the benefit of and be the exclusive property of the Browns.

Procedures and Guidelines for Submitting a Player/Coach/Front Office Appearance Request

All player/coach/front office appearance requests must be submitted in writing at least six (6) weeks in advance of your event. Please note, we may not be able to respond to and confirm your request for at least 4-6 weeks upon receiving. We ask that you do not plan your event around the possibility of a player/coach/front office appearance. Written requests must be submitted on your organization's official letterhead and include all of the information below:

• Organization's name
​• Full address and telephone number
• Tax ID of charitable organization
• Type of event/program (include description and number of attendees)
• Contact person's name, full address and telephone number
• Date, time (desired time and length of appearance)
• Event location
• Role of player/coach/front office personnel
• Compensation (if applicable)

Please note, due to the overwhelming amount of appearance requests we receive, we ask that you do not plan your event around a possible player appearance.

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