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Student success starts with attendance and engaged learning, either in person or remotely. Students who are absent from school or remote education experiences miss important learning opportunities, which can be difficult, or even impossible, to make up. The mission of the Stay in the Game! Keep Learning, Every Day Network (the Stay in the Game! Network) is to prioritize attendance by connecting its users to resources aimed at tackling chronic absenteeism. The Cleveland Browns Foundation, Ohio Department of Education, and Proving Ground are deeply committed to this mission.

The Stay in the Game! Network is an adaptation of Get 2 School, Stay in the Game! Network. The name change reflects the current environment where schools may not necessarily be able to host in-school learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter the circumstances, the Network will continue to encourage students to maintain a strong educational-going mindset and keep learning, every day.

Featured Resources

Parent Resources: Remote Learning Videos

Parent Resources: Remote Learning Videos

For remote learning, it's important to focus on the environment, guiding students, and setting up routines. Check out Ohio Broadcast Educational Media Commission's series, "Remote Learning: A Parent's Guide," for tips to help students thrive in a remote setting.

Community Resources: Support Local Students & Families

Community Resources: Support Local Students & Families

Do you own a local business and want to help encourage students and families to Stay in the Game? Download these free Storefront Signs and show how you are a dedicated supporter of the Stay in the Game initiative and helping students get to school and keep learning every day!

Educator Resources: Guide to Increasing Attendance

Educator Resources: Guide to Increasing Attendance

Educators play a key role in helping students get to school. Download and review this handbook for best practices and resources on how to identify chronic absenteeism, raise awareness of the problem, and decrease barriers in the way of engagement.



There is power in a network of unique partners and collaborators who join together to solve challenges and better support Ohio's most vulnerable students. That power of partnership is what fuels the Stay in the Game! Network. Prior to the statewide Network's launch, individual partners and collaborators were working separately to improve student attendance and reduce chronic absenteeism.

The Stay in the Game! Network unites partners and collaborators to leverage individual strengths—such as deploying attendance-focused campaigns, sharpening school improvement plans, launching specific attendance strategies, and evaluating the impact of those strategies—to better support Ohio's schools and districts through collective impact.

The Stay in the Game! Network is committed to providing Ohio's educators, students, parents, families, and caregivers with access to quality tools and strategic counsel aimed at elevating attendance and putting an end to chronic absenteeism.

Why Attendance Matters


Chronically absent students in Ohio are 89% less likely to graduate on time from high school


Chronically absent students in Ohio are 65% less likely to meet the Third Grade Reading Guarantee


More than 473,000 Ohio students were chronically absent during the 2022 school-year


Ohio chronically absent student = 2 absences per month x 9 months in a school year


Our Partner School Districts


10-Year Attendance Goals

The Stay in the Game! Network partners with 17 school districts to support student attendance initiatives, including a community-wide campaign, resulting in increased student attendance. These partnerships benefited more than 150,000 students.

A student who misses as few as two days of school a month is considered chronically absent. Ohio's current rate of chronic absenteeism is nearly 17 percent — or approximately 260,000 students. Over the next 10 years, the Stay in the Game! Network seeks to cut that rate in half — to 8.5 percent, or approximately 130,000 students. While this goal might seem ambitious, it is certainly worthwhile considering the risks associated with chronic absenteeism.

Over the next 10 years, the Network will plan tiered attendance work with education agencies to help reach its goal, including campaigns, continuous improvement support in piloting interventions, and dissemination of district-proven strategies. Data show that chronically absent students in Ohio are 89 percent less likely to graduate on time from high school and 65 percent less likely to meet the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Find out how you can help by visiting the Stay in the Game! website and Ohio Department of Education website.