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Burning Questions

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12 questions for WR Jarvis Landry, who's as hungry as anyone for a long-awaited Browns victory

Jarvis Landry wasn't around for 2016 and 2017. Still, even after a tie and a loss, he feels the pain just like everyone else on the Browns roster.

The veteran wide receiver is hungry to win, and he made that loud and clear when he sat down with Coming off a performance like you had Sunday, it appeared the passing game took some steps forward from the previous week. What was your assessment of it?

Landry: We've got to continue to make plays on the outside, continue to develop more and more trust for (Tyrod Taylor) getting the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible and yards after catch. I think we did that really well. Did you notice better chemistry from Week 1 to Week 2?

Landry: Yeah, it was there. It was there a little bit. Guys just are doing their job whenever they're given the opportunities. They stepped up and made plays. (Rashard) Higgins, (Antonio) Callaway, (David) Njoku made a few plays himself. It's always good whenever everybody is making plays. A big opportunity has arrived here for Antonio Callaway. What have you seen from him over the past few months?

Landry: Just constant growth. Watching him every day grow up a little bit. That touchdown was definitely something that's going to catapult him to continue making plays and being the starter he is. Looking back at your rookie year, what's the biggest adjustment a wide receiver has to make?

Landry: Just making that transition from college to the NFL. Understanding you've got to take care of your body, understanding it's a long season, understanding you can't just eat anything and go to sleep at bad times. You've got to take care of your body and become a pro early on and it will help you in the long run. What's this offense's potential after two games?

Landry: We've got to find a way to score points. When we get even to the strike area, around the 40 or whatever it is, we've got to find a way to secure those points, whether it's a field goal or a touchdown. We've got to find a way to finish those drives, especially when the defense gets turnovers. We're leading the league in turnovers now with eight. You put points behind those, and we'll be scoring a lot of points.

The Browns practice in the short week leading up to the Jets game Thursday night. What's it like having a defense like that?

Landry: It's great. You expect to get a couple more possessions a game, no matter where that is on the field. Our job from there is to come in and score points. If you score points off turnovers, the percentages of you winning the game is really high. You're on the offensive side of the ball, but you've really been encouraging Myles Garrett a ton behind the scenes. What's it like to have a player like that on your team?

Landry: It's amazing. I'm happy I've got front row seats to watch it. He's done what he does best. We just need more of that out of him. The defense plays behind him. The more pressure he gets on the quarterback, the more turnovers we create from sack-fumbles to interceptions. When the quarterbacks look at that tape, they know they've got to be aware of where he is. You've had a couple of these Thursday Night games in your past. What's the biggest hurdle you have to overcome when preparing on a short week?

Landry: It's just that, a short week, especially after playing a tough team we just played in New Orleans. Guys are a little banged up, nicked up. It's just trying to find a way to get the recovery process sped up a little bit and then attack the game plan and be as detailed as possible. When you look at this Jets defense, what do you see that makes them tough?

Landry: Their front and their secondary and their linebackers play really well. They're a good, put together defense. They do a lot of great things. They play fast, they play together, they communicate; all the things of a naturally good defense. They make plays and find a way to create turnovers and it helps the offense. The atmosphere promises to be as good as it gets at FirstEnergy Stadium on Thursday. What are you expecting and how can you guys capitalize on it?

Landry: I'm expecting it to be exciting and expecting it to be electrifying. We've got to feed off it, we've got to use it and create that energy and momentum. Hopefully we'll get the first win of the season at home. Browns fans have taken a quick liking to you since you were traded here in March. Have you been surprised by it?

Landry: It's awesome, man. I love these guys. I love the fans, man. I love the energy and the passion since the moment I got here. Just seeing the passion they have behind this team and their players is something that is second to none. How do you think that passion will spill over whenever you guys are able to get your first win?

Landry: We'll see, we'll see. I don't know what to expect yet. I know it will be a good time for this organization and the city as well.

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