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Burning Questions

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14 questions for a surging Browns RB Carlos Hyde


A big Carlos Hyde stiff-arm got the Browns rolling in last week's preseason matchup with the Bills.

For some, it was reason to breathe a sigh of relief. The Browns running game struggled to do much of anything in the preseason opener, and it was unclear just how much toll the changes along the offensive line had on the unit's overall production.

Hyde, though, never doubted it, and that was made clear when caught up with him after Wednesday's walk-through. How's it feel coming off a dominant running performance like the one you had against the Bills?

Hyde: It feels good. We've definitely got to build on that and go into tomorrow's game with the same attitude and same mindset to get the run game going. You let the pass game feed off that. When you came out of that first preseason game, did you know there was some untapped potential with the running game?

Hyde: Yeah, definitely. If you come out at practice, you see it. Tyrod (Taylor) comes out when it's a running day and tells the O-line and tells me and tells the receivers it's about an attitude. If you come out at practice, it's just attitude and you carry it into the game. How much excitement do you have that you were able to accomplish what you did against the Bills without Kevin Zeitler at right guard?

Hyde: We definitely need Zeitler but it's next man up. (Spencer) Drango's definitely doing a good job right now. He did a good job in this previous game we just had. Stuff like that, getting game reps, he can build his confidence off that. I'm definitely looking forward to a good performance from the offensive line this week. Looking back at the past few months, what's it been like getting back to Ohio?

Hyde: It's been good. It's definitely been a change of things coming from California back to Ohio. It's been definitely a big change but it's been good. I'm happy to be back in Ohio and I'm happy to be a part of the Browns. What's been the biggest adjustment for you?

Hyde: The weather. It hasn't even been cold yet.

Hyde: I came in April and it was freezing. To me, it's the weather. You've had a different offensive coordinator for every year of your career. What's been the biggest change going into a Todd Haley system?

Hyde: With Coach Haley's offense, it's been a lot easier than the previous OC's I've had. I like Haley's a little better, though. It allows the running backs to play freely, not a lot of thinking. He makes it very simple for everybody and you can go out and play fast. With you, Duke Johnson and Nick Chubb, how excited are you about what you guys can do as a collective group?

Hyde: I'm really excited. We've got a great group of guys in there. Anybody can be a starting running back on any team. I'm definitely looking forward to getting a season going with those guys. We all bring something different to the game and that's definitely going to benefit the offense and help us win games. You caught more passes last year than the previous three combined. Was that something you knew you could always do or did you surprise yourself?

Hyde: I love catching the ball. I just had opportunity to catch the ball with (Kyle) Shanahan. I think I'll have the same opportunity here, probably just not as much with Duke because Duke runs some good routes. I'm definitely going to have my chances so I've just got to maximize my opportunities. How dangerous can a runner like you be in the open field after getting the ball through the air?

Hyde: It's just another opportunity to get the ball out in space, make a guy miss and you might be off to a big run. Receivers don't have too many guys to have to make miss. They've got the beauty of it. At running back, you've got to make five, six people miss before you get going. Playing receiver, you've got space, make a guy miss and score big. You're one of many new players on this team who are trying to change the mindset. What have you seen from the players who were here and how they've responded?

Hyde: You've got to move on from that. It's in the past. You've just got to put that behind you, focus on the now and focus on getting better and just doing your job. Everything else will happen on its own. Have you been a vocal part of that?

Hyde: I'm not too vocal. I didn't have the best times in San Francisco so there's not much I can really tell them. I'm not like Jarvis (Landry) or Tyrod and been in the playoffs or something. I had just as rough of a time as they did. You've just got to stay committed and stay focused, keep your head down and work. How hungry are you to win after those four years in San Francisco?

Hyde: I'm really hungry to win and I feel like the guys in this locker room are really hungry to win. We need that. That's definitely going to help us when it gets real. What do you need to see against the Eagles to consider the dress rehearsal a success?

Hyde: A W. We've just got to win. Offensively, we've got to execute and do our job, go down and put points on the board. Defensively, get stops. Special teams, make plays. All across the board we're executing, then it's a good job.

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