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2020 NFL Draft

2016 NFL Draft: Where do Browns pick now after big trade?

The Browns' big trade Wednesday shook up the first round of next week's draft and added a few wrinkles to Cleveland's overall list of picks.

The Browns went from 10 to 12 picks after swapping first-round selections with the Eagles and adding a bevy of other picks, including a 2017 first-rounder, in the next three drafts. Cleveland is now tied for the most picks of any team in the 2016 draft, and the total matches the number it made in last year's draft.

Here's an updated order of where the Browns will pick, starting with the No. 8 overall selection in next Thursday's first round. Compensatory picks are not able to be traded.

Round 1: No. 8

Round 2: No. 32

Round 3: No. 65, No. 77

Round 4: No. 99, No. 100, No. 138 (compensatory)

Round 5: No. 141, No. 172 (compensatory), No. 173 (compensatory)

Round 6: No. 176

Round 7: No. 223

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