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2018 NFL Draft order set for all 12 of Browns' picks

Now that all of the coins have been flipped and compensatory picks have been distributed, the Browns know exactly where they'll be picking with all 12 of their selections in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The NFL released the official order Tuesday. Cleveland, of course, holds the first of what will be 256 picks made by 32 teams throughout the three-day event.

For a fourth consecutive year, the Browns are poised to add more than 10 players to the roster through the draft. Cleveland holds all of its own seven picks -- which fall at the beginning of each round -- Houston's first- and second-round selections, Philadelphia's second-rounder, Carolina's fourth-rounder and Kansas City's fifth-rounder. The Browns do not have any compensatory picks for the first time since 2016.

Here's how they'll fall.

1st round: 1, 4 (from Houston)

2nd round: 33, 35 (from Houston), 64 (from Philadelphia)

3rd round: 65

4th round: 101, 123 (from Carolina)

5th round: 138, 159 (from Kansas City)

6th round: 175

7th round: 219

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