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3 things we learned from Episode 3 of Building the Browns

The Browns have adapted to their new normal, and the business of preparing for the 2020 season hasn't slowed down a bit.

That's more than apparent in the latest episode of "Building the Browns," which takes viewers behind the scenes as the Browns prepare and ultimately execute the 2020 NFL Draft while also meeting as a team for the first time under Kevin Stefanski.

On top of the amazing, inside access to all of the draft weekend phone calls between the Browns and their new players, here were the three biggest things we learned from the episode.

1. Stefanski sets the tone in early team meetings

It's not the ideal setup, but Stefanski made the most of it in his first meetings with the team at the start of the virtual offseason program. Speaking to a monitor full of faces of players and coaches, Stefanski focused on the importance of sticking together as a team.

"This is our family," Stefanski said. "Look around this Zoom meeting. You've got coaches, you've got trainers, you've got front office, you've got medical, you name it. Look around, these are your teammates. When we protect the team, we're protecting each other. That's part of being a great teammate, something I'll continually talk to you guys about. Anything that's going against the team and not protecting the team, that's not our standard."

With the NFL Draft on the horizon, Stefanski was frank with the players. They'd likely have new competition at their position group after the draft. It was on them to make sure those players don't take their jobs.

"If you use that as motivation, God bless you. That's great," Stefanski said. "There's a line out this door of guys that want my job. That's why I take this thing so seriously, why I work at it. That's why I want to do the best I can for you guys."

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2. An exclusive look at Myles Garrett's trip to Tanzania

Shortly after he was reinstated by the NFL following his indefinite suspension, Garrett hopped on a plane and gave back to those in need in Tanzania.

Garrett is the captain of the NFL Waterboys, the cornerstone initiative of the Chris Long Foundation, which works to bring clean water to communities in need in East Africa. This was clearly an impactful moment for Garrett, who has given back to the community in a number of ways during the offseason. 

"Just being able to experience that, it helps us realize I'm really blessed and we're really blessed to be in this situation," Garrett said. "It's eye-opening to see the conditions they're in and looking at the conditions how much they change after we introduce clean water."

Garrett said he's mentally ready to get back to football but wants to make sure he's in "mid-season form" physically.

"I'm just trying to prepare myself to be levels ahead of my peers and levels ahead of where I should be by now," Garrett said.

3. Browns check all the boxes in 2020 NFL Draft

The Browns liked what they did with their seven picks in the 2020 draft not only because they were able to add a number of talented players, but also because they were able to check off the main priorities they wanted to accomplish.

Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta broke it down during an interview on the show.

"We got together 10 days before the draft and we really talked through as a group all of our goals and we came up with a common list of the things we wanted to accomplish," DePodesta said. "Finding a tackle, an offensive tackle. Doing some things to help with the depth on defense at various positions. We talked about picking up additional draft capital for the 2021 draft. Fortunately we were able to check basically every box in terms of the goals we had set for ourselves as a group and we feel really good about it."