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2020 NFL Draft

5 points in the 1st round Browns fans should monitor

It's a cliche, but the Browns can only control the what they control during Thursday's first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

What happens before and after they pick is out of their hands. But what the other teams do with their picks certainly affects what the Browns can do with theirs.

We've identified five spots in Thursday's first round that could impact what the Browns do not only at No. 8, but also at No. 32, where they'll kick off the second round Friday.

No. 3 - San Diego

It's a given what's happening with the first two picks. Los Angeles wants a quarterback and so does Philadelphia, both of which traded up to occupy their current spots. That means the draft, when it pertains to the Browns at No. 8, really starts with the Chargers, who have needs on both sides of the ball. If San Diego goes with an offensive lineman, that puts the Browns one step closer to one of the draft's top defenders. If the Chargers go defense with a player such as DeForest Buckner or Jalen Ramsey, that could affect the plans of the Cowboys (4) and Jaguars (5) and ultimately free up one of the top tackles at No. 8. This might be the best example of a chain-reaction spot in the entire draft.

No. 7 - San Francisco

For months, the 49ers were pegged to take the second quarterback in the draft, whoever it was. That notion was thrown out the window when Los Angeles traded up to No. 1 and solidified when the Eagles slid into the second spot. The mock drafters at are split on what the team will do now at No. 7. If they go with Notre Dame tackle Ronnie Stanley, that could potentially eliminate the chance of Cleveland using the No. 8 pick on an offensive lineman. If they go with Buckner, that may solidify Cleveland going with offense at its spot.

No. 15 - Tennessee

If the Titans remain in this spot to make their pick, the impact on Cleveland will be minimal. But the Titans are an intriguing team to monitor when it pertains to trading up into the top 10. Tennessee has more tradeable assets than any team to pull this off, and it's a team that did a whole bunch of evaluating of the draft's top prospects before they traded with the Rams. The Titans boast three second-rounders (33, 43 and 45) and two third-rounders (64 and 76). Though Tennessee has its quarterback in place, it has needs on both sides of the ball and chips to play with.

No. 22 - Houston

The Texans were in the quarterback market until they signed Brock Osweiler to a pricy, long-term contract at the start of free agency. Now, they could be very well pursuing a wide receiver to team with Pro Bowler DeAndre Hopkins and help Osweiler thrive in his first full season as an NFL starter. If the Texans go this route at No. 22, who they take could affect whether or not there's a run on the position shortly after they pick. The two teams after them, Minnesota and Cincinnati, have similar needs at the position. But if Houston takes the receiver one or both of Vikings and Bengals coveted, those teams may be inclined to address a different position in the first round and tackle their pass-catcher needs later in the draft. This, of course, could affect who is available to the Browns, who have not shied away from addressing their need for more playmakers, at No. 32.

No. 31 - Denver

The Broncos have been linked to three positions in mock drafts, all of which could conceivably affect Cleveland's plans. Denver has needs at quarterback in light of Peyton Manning's retirement, defensive line in light of losing Malik Jackson in free agency and safety. The Browns will have just about a full day to analyze and react to whatever Denver does and plot their move for the first pick of the second round. It could be a very attractive pick on the trade market, as most teams will see a player or two they graded as first-rounders still on the board heading into Day 2.

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