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7 questions for Case Keenum, who is ready to 'represent Cleveland' vs. Bengals 

The veteran signal-caller will start his 2nd game of the season in Sunday's finale

Case Keenum will take the reins Sunday for the Browns' regular season finale against the Bengals. caught up with the veteran quarterback as he put in his final preparations for the last game of the 2021 season. It was obviously a tough circumstance Monday finding out before the game the team was eliminated from the playoffs. How has the group rebounded and approached this final opportunity?

Keenum: It was a heartbreak last week. It's not ever fun to not win a game. The guys came to work today, came to work yesterday. The motto of this team is we grind, and we're grinding. We're putting together the best game plan and the best week of work we can. We're going to go out and give it our best shot on Sunday. I know we've got a lot of fighters on that team, a lot of competitive guys, a lot of winners that really in their DNA, at their core, love to win and maybe hate to lose more. They're excited to get out there and represent Cleveland one more time at home this year. That was pretty clear after Kevin Stefanski's comments following Monday's game. The effort was there, but the results weren't. How clear was it Monday that the guys played as hard as possible despite being eliminated from the playoffs?

Keenum: Every time you get a chance to go out and play in the National Football League, that's a heck of an opportunity for anybody. Whether you're a 10-year vet like me or a rookie or an undrafted free agent trying to make a point to stick on the team next year. Anytime you get a chance to go out there, it's really your resume. Your resume in this league is your video, your film. You put together a resume based on your entire work. I want to go out there and build on my resume and I know every single person on the team wants to go do the same thing. What have you liked about the chemistry within the quarterback room this year with you, Baker Mayfield and Nick Mullens?

Keenum: It's great. (Alex Van Pelt) and T.C. McCartney are in there, too. It's been a good mix of guys in there. I think we see the field the same way. I think we have good communication. We talk to receivers the same way. There's one voice coming out of there, same set of eyes. It's good communication. I've appreciated working with those guys and I think it's a good combination and good chemistry. What have you worked on behind the scenes to improve your individual game?

Keenum: A lot of things. Anything and everything. Every day it's something new. Playing quarterback obviously starts with your decision-making and a lot of it physically and mechanically starts with your feet. Good feet, good eyes, good ball. I work on all three of those things, and it will be key this week and moving forward, too. There's a chance someone like Kareem Hunt will be back Sunday. How good can this offense be when it's at full strength?

Keenum: I think we've got a lot of talent. I think you've seen it this year that when we're rolling, we're rolling. We feel like we really stop ourselves at times when we struggle. I think cleaning up mistakes on our end, just executing moving forward and giving guys chances down the field, whether it's throwing the ball or running the ball, whatever it is. I think there's a lot of good pieces here moving forward. It's obviously been a great season for the Bengals, but you've got a chance to sweep them. How good would it be to accomplish that in a strong finish?

Keenum: Anytime you win as opposed to the other thing, it's better. Everything's better. I always say food tastes better after a win, music sounds better after a win, jokes are funnier after a win. You can take that as far as you want to. Everything is better. To end this season on a win, to end the season going 2-0 against the division champs would be pretty special. You got to start earlier this season in one of the best atmospheres at FirstEnergy Stadium. What have you gotten to learn and love about Browns fans and what do you expect Sunday?

Keenum: I expect nothing but their best. We're bringing our best. I expect nothing but their best. I've seen it so I know when they're faking, and I actually haven't seen them fake. I don't expect them to at all and I'm excited to see it this Sunday.

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