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2020 NFL Draft

7 reasons why Danny Shelton is so disruptive on the defensive line

The Browns need a player to help stop the run and they addressed that need by picking Washington defensive tackle Danny Shelton with the 12th overall pick.

Here's why Shelton is viewed as an immediate plug-and-play at Cleveland's nose tackle position.

  • Needed to be double-teamed at Washington, constantly beat guards and centers in one-on-one matchups.
  • For his 339-pound frame, he has surprising lateral quickness and anticipation to blow up running plays. Shelton is able to slide off blocks quickly.
  • Registered nine sacks from the defensive tackle position, an eye-opening number.
  • Shelton has strength and even leaping ability, as he batted several balls down at the line during his career with the Huskies.
  • Despite some pundits saying he's a two-down player, Shelton rarely missed a snap at Washington.
  • Shelton never missed a game in his three-year college career.
  • compares him to Pro Bowl defensive lineman Vince Wilfork.

On an appearance with Cleveland Browns Daily earlier this month, Browns defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil said his defense was looking for a player he could use as a chess piece to scheme plays.

The Cleveland Browns now have that player in Shelton.

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