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Analyzing the Browns rookies: CB Greedy Williams

We can read all of the draft magazines and in-depth breakdowns we want, and while some are truly fantastic (looking at yours, Dane Brugler), we still won't know a whole lot about the Browns' newest draft class until they take the field with the rest of the team in Berea.

In order to pass the time, why not read another breakdown?

I had a chance to watch some cut-ups of Cleveland's draft class and two rookie minicamp practices last week and took some brief notes. We'll roll these out with one or two per day this week. First up, second-round pick Greedy Williams.


Name: Andreaz "Greedy" Williams

Position: Cornerback

Age: 21

Height: 6-foot-2

Weight: 185 lbs

Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

College: LSU

Round selected: Second (46th overall)

Greedy Williams is a Cleveland Brown. Take a look at photos of the LSU cornerback, whom the Browns selected 46th overall Friday in the 2019 NFL Draft.

THE TAPE: Williams is what they said he is: long, athletic, and an excellent cover corner. A couple details jumped out to me, though. First, his ability to quickly react to the play unfolding in front of him is top notch. Part of that has to do with body control. 

During a game against Ole Miss, hulking specimen D.K. Metcalf ran a deep comeback down the sideline and attempted to throw Williams out of his personal space upon planting his foot to complete the comeback. He used his inside arm to shove Williams, which should have sent most corners flying. Williams did move a little but bounced back quickly to contest the pass attempt.

He also plays well within the defensive scheme, which is when his above-average ball skills shine. On one play against Georgia, Williams dropped into the deep third zone to run with a receiver running a skinny post. He had outside leverage, forcing the receiver to the middle deep safety, but a well-placed pass looked ready to sneak between the two for a touchdown. Williams eliminated the space between them, coming over the receiver's shoulder to break up the pass in what was a very impressive play.

His tackling was largely a collection of him going low against opponents. That's something that can be adjusted at the NFL level.

THE FIELD: Williams participated in Cleveland's rookie minicamp over the weekend and got a healthy helping of one-on-ones on his first day. The clip that made the internet rounds -- receiver/returner Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, who runs a 4.38 40, beating him deep -- wasn't an accurate representation of how Williams performed during the weekend. The minicamp is a ton of information combined with an entirely new environment for a youngster to get used to, so it's an uphill battle to begin with. But he showed the same skills that made him a first-round projection.

"He is smooth," Browns coach Freddie Kitchens said Friday. "He transitions well from a back paddle and can close on the ball. He is long, of course, and then he competes."

THE FIT: At 6-foot-2, one should expect him to compete to play on the outside opposite Denzel Ward, but height doesn't strictly determine that. Of the 11 corners on the Browns' roster at this point in time, only three are under 6 feet. His natural cover skills should translate well and influence his fit much more, because as a fluid, smooth cover corner, he'd be more equipped to defend receivers in one-on-one situations on the outside.