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2020 NFL Draft

Andrew Berry breaks down skills of each of Browns' Day 3 picks

A little more than three months after he accepted his new position with the Browns, Andrew Berry was behind a microphone Saturday, summing up his thoughts on Cleveland's massive haul of 14 draft picks.

"Very pleased with the past three days," the Browns vice president of player personnel said. "We added 14 quality players to this roster. Very excited about this draft class. Tonight has been an accumulation of a lot of hard work from our scouts and our coaches. I am very pleased with where we stand as a football team tonight. We are excited to see these guys when we hit the field in May."

Nine of the 14 were acquired Saturday, as Cleveland rattled off back-to-back fourth and fifth rounds with four picks in each. After a trade with Miami that netted cornerback Jamar Taylor, the Browns closed out their busy third day with decorated Arizona linebacker Scooby Wright III at pick No. 250.

From top to bottom, Berry had plenty of reasons to be pleased.

"We are excited about the entire draft class, excited for all the guys that were available to us when we picked," Berry said. "I don't think there is an example of one or two players that were more excited about."

Asked to provide a brief scouting report on each of the team's nine Day 3 picks, Berry did more than deliver. Here's how he sized up each newest member of the Browns.

4th round

  1. OLB Joe Schobert - Wisconsin

"Just athletic, versatile, tough, good football player at Wisconsin, can rush the passer, can drop, can run. I think he has a very well-rounded skill set."

  1. WR Ricardo Louis - Auburn

"Big, fast, physical wide out, deep threat. I think he can add explosiveness to our receiving core."

  1. FS Derrick Kindred - TCU

"Another well rounded player, athletic enough and fast enough and rangy enough to play in coverage but also a very physical downhill presence."

  1. TE Seth DeValve - Princeton

"That's a player that we believe can have a little of a mismatch at the tight end position. He played detached, played as a wide out, played on the line of scrimmage at Princeton, and we think he can be a good role player and weapon on offense."

5th round

  1. WR Jordan Payton - UCLA

"Just another well-rounded receiver. He catches everything, has good speed, good size and has been a very productive player for them."

  1. OL Spencer Drango - Baylor

"We thought he was one of the better pass protectors in the draft. He's long, can right tackle and can play guard. He will add depth to our offensive line."

  1. WR Rashard Higgins - Colorado State

"Another very productive wide receiver out west. He has good size and fantastic hands. He can really sort of catch anything in his frame and can make the spectacular catches, as well."

  1. DB Trey Caldwell - Louisiana Monroe

"Athletic, fast, feisty corner. He can play outside and can play inside."

7th round

  1. LB Scooby Wright III - Arizona

"Scooby Wright has been one of the most productive players a year removed from his most productive season. He did have a little bit of injury this past season but a really a consummate football player. He can rush, can tackle, can cover. We are excited to add him to the roster, as well."

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